The 9/11 Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition

by Stephen E. Atkins, Editor


Few events in the past 50 years have impacted American life as greatly as the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. What transpired that single day played as much of a role in shaping our current domestic and foreign policy as any war. A decade later, the event remains fresh in Americans' minds and continues to fuel numerous public debates—including ones centered around conspiracy theories.

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June 2011


Pages 872
Volumes 2
Size 7x10
Topics Military History/Terrorism

This work offers a sweeping collection of A–Z entries and primary source documents that presents a thorough examination of all the individuals, groups, and events surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, The 9/11 Encyclopedia: Second Edition offers valuable perspective on this emotionally charged and multidimensional subject. This comprehensive two-volume encyclopedia details the events leading up to the attacks, going back a decade prior to 9/11, and covers all the major players involved. It also examines events and discoveries since 2001 that have influenced our understanding of—and reactions to—the world-changing attacks.

In the second edition, dozens of entries have been updated and many new ones added. The documents volume has been expanded as well. With more than 170 A–Z entries, dozens of descriptive sidebars, and over 55 primary-source documents, this updated encyclopedia is an essential source for comprehending one of the darkest moments in American history.


  • Includes 3 introductory essays, more than 170 entries, 60 photographs, and 10 charts
  • A documents volume of more than 55 key primary source documents, including new ones added for the second edition
  • A detailed chronology of key events surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks
  • An annotated bibliography listing the most authoritative works about 9/11


  • Completely updates the first edition of this comprehensive encyclopedia
  • Includes more than 25 new reference entries and primary-source documents covering important events and issues that have emerged since the publication of the first edition
  • Offers fresh perspectives on topics such as how 9/11 has impacted the use of presidential powers, shaped U.S. public opinion, and influenced U.S. foreign policy
  • Provides sidebars containing firsthand comments about 9/11 from firefighters, politicians, and family members of the victims to give readers an idea of the event's impact on those most directly affected
Author Info

Stephen E. Atkins served as head of collection development at Texas A&M Libraries, College Station, TX, for 15 years. In addition to the first volume of The 9/11 Encyclopedia, his published works include Greenwood's Encyclopedia of Modern American Extremists and Extremist Groups and Historical Encyclopedia of Atomic Energy, which received a Booklist Editors' Choice Award in 2000. Additional published works include Writing the War: My Ten Months in the Jungles, Streets and Paddies of South Vietnam, 1968.



"This encyclopedia will make a fine addition to any history collection in public libraries, high school media centers, and academic libraries in a higher education institution. The encyclopedia is relatively unique in covering the events of 9/11."Reference Reviews

"The 9/11 Encyclopedia astutely shifts through the mountain of information on the events surrounding the attacks and presents users with an easily accessible format for investigation of topics from 'Al Qaeda' to 'Ayman al-Zawahiri.' "School Library Journal

"Overall, this concise, well-written volume fills a big gap in reference sources concerning 9/11. Recommended."Choice

"This encyclopedia is a fine ready-reference source, which will undoubtedly be helpful to library users wanting easily accessible material on this seminal event in American history."Booklist

"An excellent source of information on the attacks and a valuable update of the first edition for public, school, and academic libraries."Library Journal

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