Sex in College

The Things They Don't Write Home About

by Richard D. McAnulty, Editor


Misconceptions about college students' sexual practices abound. Some critics lament the demise of traditional dating in favor of casual sexual encounters. Yet, while the courtship approach to dating has fallen out of favor, most students still dream of finding soul mates and becoming involved in committed relationships. So what is the truth about sex in college?

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March 2012


Pages 369
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Psychology/Human Sexuality

Experts address key issues—from attitudes and behaviors to harassment and homophobia—related to sexuality among college students.

With essays by a wide range of knowledgeable contributors, Sex in College: The Things They Don't Write Home About draws on recent research to examine just about every aspect of its intriguing subject. The book begins with general chapters that offer historical, cross-cultural, and theoretical perspectives on college students' sexual attitudes and behaviors. One chapter offers a framework for understanding the unique developmental perspective of young adults. Another chapter explores the research methods used to study college students' sexual practices.

Subsequent chapters cover: dating and intimacy on campus, the perspective of young adults about love, sexuality education and classes, and sexual orientation. The darker side of college sexuality is also examined in chapters centering on such topics as infidelity in college dating relationships, homophobia and sexual harassment on campus, sexual risk-taking and sexually transmitted infections, sexual problems and dysfunction among young adults, and sexual assault among college students.


  • Contributions from a cross-disciplinary list of distinguished scholars and practitioners
  • An overview of the research methods used to study sexuality among college students and their limitations


  • Provides a unique, one-stop resource for the latest research on the sexuality of college students
  • Offers comprehensive coverage of a broad array of sex and sexuality related issues facing college students today
  • Challenges misconceptions and stereotypes about college students and their sexual practices and attitudes
Author Info

Richard D. McAnulty is associate professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC. His published works include Sex and Sexuality, Vols. 1–3 (edited with M. Michele Burnette, PhD) and Exploring Human Sexuality: Making Healthy Decisions (also with M. Michele Burnette, PhD).



"Michael Wiederman's discussion of various research methodologies and the problems inherent in conducting sex research will be helpful for those less experienced with research in this field. Several of the contributions (particularly those concerning negative campus climates) might prove illuminating for administrators involved with residence and student life."Choice

"Overall, Sex in College is a hot and engaging read that leaves the reader extremely well informed."PsycCRITIQUES

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