Graphic Novels for Young Readers

A Genre Guide for Ages 4–14

by Nathan Herald


The popularity of graphic novels with teens and adults has exploded in recent years. Parallel to that popularity is their tremendous growth in the children's market. Graphic novels are great way to get kids to read, but which titles are appropriate for those younger readers? And which graphic novels will they most enjoy?

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January 2011

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 188
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Children's and Young Adult Services/Readers' Advisory Services
  Children's and Young Adult Collection Management/Acquisition and Collection Development Guides

This genre guide to graphic novel reading interests helps librarians and teachers choose titles appropriate for children and 'tweens.

Librarians and teachers know how important graphic novels can be in engaging young readers and even getting reluctant readers interested in books. Graphic Novels for Young Readers: A Genre Guide for Ages 4-14 identifies and describes the growing number of graphic novels that are suitable for and popular with readers ages 6-14.

Taking a genre approach, the book organizes approximately 400 titles, most of them published in the last five years, according to genre, subgenre, and theme. It describes series and lists bibliographic information for each title. Also included are subjects and read-alikes, as well as designations of awards. A great readers' advisory tool, this guide can also be used for collection development in school and public libraries.


  • Provides a unique guide to an increasingly popular genre
  • Covers the most popular graphic novel genres: action and adventure, science fiction, fantasy, mysteries and suspense, contemporary life, humor, literary classics, nonfiction—life stories, and nonfiction—themes and subjects
  • Focuses primarily on titles published within the last five years, along with new titles and some older favorites
Series Description

Genreflecting Advisory Series

Significantly expanded and updated, the titles in this highly acclaimed series are designed to help you quickly locate the kind of fiction your library patrons are looking for. Each title includes the latest reads and reading trends within a genre and identifies subgenres, similar titles, read-alikes, and relevant online resources. Annotations describe and evaluate the best, the most popular, and the most representative books in a genre, noting special features of the works and referencing or comparing them to related publications. Brief historical overviews, award information, section tabs for quick reference, and practical guidelines for advising readers are just some of the features you will find in these useful guides. Designed for easy access, these books are compact enough to be carried into the stacks and simple enough to be used by general readers. Essential for readers' advisory and ready-reference, they are also excellent tools for acquisitions and collection development.
Author Info

Nathan Herald is a professional writer and editorial consultant. He is a former editor of Pinion Press, Mesa State College, Grand Junction, CO, and an avid graphic novel reader.



"This newest addition to the Genreflecting Advisory series offers ample confirmation that graphic novels are becoming staples of library collections. School and public libraries will find it helpful to have this baseline guidance for both collection development and reader's advisory."Booklist

"Librarians looking to beef up their graphic-novel collections will do well to get their hands on this valuable volume. . . . A thorough, well-organized, one-stop shop for quality graphic novels."School Library Journal

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