Getting Your Share of the Pie

The Complete Guide to Finding Grants

by Valerie J. Mann


Obtaining grants is a highly specialized field, and there are many stages to writing a grant proposal, such as identifying a need, designing the project, determining grant opportunities, writing the grant applications, and administering funds received. To further complicate things, the processes for pursuing federal, state, and private funds are different.

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August 2010


Pages 208
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/Finance, Investments and Banking

An expert in securing grant money provides a clear, step-by-step course in grant writing that readers can "attend" from the comfort of their home or office—and proceed with at their own pace.

Many organizations that desperately need financial support miss opportunities for funding for two reasons: They don't have the knowledge or resources to successfully pursue and win a grant or they are ignorant of the range of possibilities in private, federal, or state-sourced funds available to them. With the emergence of economic stimulus money intended to assist nonprofits and government agencies suffering in the poor economic conditions, grant-writing is now a more relevant skill than ever before.

This text can provide a multitude of benefits, including training existing staff with no prior experience to successfully pursue grant money, saving the cost of hiring a full-time grant writer, and serving as a complete guide for experienced grant writers seeking new options and techniques in obtaining operational funding. Getting Your Share of the Pie: The Complete Guide to Finding Grants also reveals the author's in-depth knowledge about the specific attributes the funding agencies look for via a digest of actual conversations with their representatives.


  • Provides historical and current information regarding the general availability of government and private grant funds; two chapters are dedicated to disclosing sources for specific types of grants
  • One appendix contains a glossary covering the specific terminology used in the field
  • A complete index is included to enable the reader to find any topic quickly
  • Reveals an exclusive "inside" look at what agencies want and supplies a list of do's and don't to maximize success


  • Contains information based completely upon the author's professional knowledge, skills, and judgments derived from over 30 years of real-world experience
  • Serves as a staff training manual for local governments and nonprofits for identifying grant sources and obtaining these funds, as well as being appropriate as a college textbook
  • Emphasizes the importance of careful development of a sound project that will be fundable
  • Fills a strong need of small towns, counties, and nonprofits that are missing out on grant funding due to lack of expertise
Author Info

Valerie J. Mann is president of Mann and Mann Grant Solutions of Fruitland, MD, a consulting firm that provides grant-search, grant-writing, and grant administration services ( Mann holds a BA in foreign policy analysis from the School of International Service at The American University in Washington, DC, and has written approximately 900 grant applications over the course of her career.

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