Achieving Educational Standards Using The Big6

by Janet R. Murray

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January 2008


Pages 160
Volumes 1
Size 8 1/2x11
Topics Librarian's Instructional Role/Curriculum and Instruction, K-12
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Teach students to apply the Big6 skills to help them achieve state and national standards and then watch both their understanding and test scores sky-rocket! Help students at all levels acquire the skills they will need to achieve local, state, and national standards using this well-organized, ready-to-use book. Designed for educators at all levels wanting to improve their students' understanding and test scores. Use these ready-to-teach sample lessons and the comprehensive list of resources, including location of state and national standards online as well as sources for deeper exploration of the topic.

Author Info

Janet R. Murray is a retired teacher/librarian from Gearhart, OR.



"Achieving Educational Standards Using the Big6 would be a valuable addition to any school professional collection where the Big6 method of research is utilized or is in the process of being implemented. It could be used by the librarian and the classroom teacher in their collaborative efforts of teaching."Colorado Association of Libraries

"An in-depth look at how to support the classroom teacher by using the Big6 Research Model is discussed in settings for K-12 libraries. The book shows how national standards evolved and gives examples of lessons targeted to specific standards. It also looks at how information technology standards fit into the school library setting. The text is enhanced with many Web sites and additional resources. Examples are given for teaching a variety of curriculum areas by highlighting each of the steps in the Big6 model. The reader will find valuable information for reviewing and using appropriate Web sites when teaching information seeking strategies. Author Janet Murray also addresses how to design essential questions that will make it difficult for students to copy and paste information in their final project. There are well-developed instructional units that can be adapted to specific needs, including a unit designed for kindergarten where the students explore safety on the playground. This well-planned and well-written book will provide support for librarians who are constantly being asked to justify their positions. Even if you are not using the Big6, you'll find this book valuable, because you'll be able to identify areas in which you can use its elements to enhance learning. Highly Recommended."Library Media Connection

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