Jacksonian and Antebellum Age

People and Perspectives

by Mark R. Cheathem, Editor


Known as "the age of the common man," the Jacksonian era saw a tremendous increase in the interest of ordinary citizens in the political affairs of the nation. As president, Andrew Jackson symbolized this egalitarianism even as he sought to extend both the power of his own office and the power of the federal government over the states.

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January 2008


Pages 234
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics American History/General
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This volume in the Perspectives in American Social History series highlights the extraordinary contributions of ordinary men, women, and children in the transformation of the country in the time of Andrew Jackson.

Jacksonian and Antebellum Age: People and Perspectives spans the "age of the common man" by focusing on the everyday citizens who helped drive the big social changes of the times—or were simply caught up in them. The coverage takes readers into the lives of the frontiersmen, townspeople, women, children, religious groups, abolitionists, slaves, slave traders, and others who effected, and were affected by, the history of those times.

Jacksonian and Antebellum Age explores a pivotal era in American history, a time that saw the return of the two-party system, heightened voter turnout, and the gathering of the abolitionist movement. As this volume demonstrates, no study of these defining events is complete without understanding how they were shaped by the country's least celebrated citizens.


  • Contributions from highly accomplished social historians focusing on the Jacksonian and Antebellum periods
  • A selection of primary source documents including excerpts from David Walker's Appeal, Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, and the personal correspondence of Andrew Jackson


  • Provides a social history of the United States from 1830–1860
  • Offers cutting-edge research from rising scholars in the field of social history
  • Addresses topics not usually covered in traditional texts, such as African American revolutionaries, New England industrial workers, slave traders, and frontierspeople
Author Info

Mark R. Cheathem is assistant professor of history at Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH. His published works include Old Hickory's Nephew: The Political and Private Struggles of Andrew Jackson Donelson.



"Jacksonian And Antebellum Age is an impressive and recommended addition to school and community library American History reference collections in general."Midwest Book Review

"Use this for serious research on the time period."Library Media Connection

". . . all of the essays are well written and will help deepen the average undergraduate's understanding of this period of history. Students will also benefit from a chronology, a glossary, a bibliography, selected primary documents, and a comprehensive index. Those libraries who have already committed to the series or who are collecting heavily in U.S. social history will want to add Jacksonian and Antebellum Age: People and Perspectives to their collection."ARBA

"Serious effort was made to match the coverage of these volumes to high school curriculum standards. This set is perfect historical analysis beyond the textbook. Each volume is carefully researched and documented. The thoughtful essays, presenting content unavailable in other sources, are ripe for analysis by upper level students. Our AP US History teacher was thrilled to see them! Books contain black and white illustrations. Brief biographies are scattered through the text. Highly recommended.'

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ABC-CLIO, 2008. 978-1-59884-017-9. 234p. $85.00. Gr. 10+.
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Best Reference Title 2008 — Pennsylvania School Librarians Association

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