Conflict Between India and Pakistan

An Encyclopedia

by Peter Lyon


India and Pakistan confront each other, with opposing ethnic and religious forces threatening far-reaching social and political convulsions. These two nations have a long complex history over the past 60 years. Because both countries now possess nuclear weapons, could the next Indo-Pakistan conflict involve nuclear war?

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October 2008


Pages 277
Volumes 1
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Topics Military History/Conflict and Wars

This up-to-date encyclopedia examines the conflict between India and Pakistan from Independence to the present day, with an authoritative treatment that presents the issues evenhandedly and from both countries' perspectives.

Tensions between India and Pakistan are deeply rooted. Many go back to 1947 or earlier, when, with the partitioning of the provinces of Punjab and Bengal, British India was succeeded by two independent countries: a primarily Hindu India and a Muslim Pakistan. Subsequently, the two countries have fought three wars and come close to open war several other times, especially over Kashmir.

Conflict Between India and Pakistan begins with a discussion of the partition of India and those who figured prominently in it, notably: Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Clem Attlee, the last viceroy, Admiral Louis Mountbatten, and Jawaharlal Nehru. Then, in a series of evenhanded, carefully crafted portraits, it describes the people, political parties, foreign and domestic policies, and economic, religious, and cultural pressures that have played a role in the conflicts between these nations from 1947 to the present.


  • Detailed entries deal with towns, cities, and geographic areas, including Jammu, Srinigar, and the Siachen Glacier; major figures involved in the conflict, including General Pervez Musharraf; the religious divide between Hindus and Muslims; and the dispute over Kashmir
  • A thorough chronology provides year-by-year treatment of the main issues in Indo-Pakistan relations


  • Covers events and personalities of the pre-Independence era, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, which is crucial to gaining an understanding of the roots of the conflict
  • Examines the political dynamics and dynasties that have governed each country—the Gandhis in India and the Bhuttos in Pakistan
  • Offers a clear and objective encyclopedic approach to leading policies and personalities
Author Info

Peter Lyon is a senior research fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London, England, and reader emeritus in international relations at the University of London, London, England and a member of the Kashmir Study Group.



"Any high school to college library strong in Asian issues and culture needs this."Midwest Book Review

"With works already in print on conflicts in Afghanistan, the former Yugoslavia, Korea, and Northern Ireland, the Roots of Modern Conflict series, as all the ABC-CLIO series, is an excellent collection of reference works for the general population. . . . The series format, consisting of a preface that outlines the issues and importance, the alphabetically arranged encyclopedia entries, epilogue, detailed chronology, appendixes, glossary, index, and extensive bibliography, are all well done. Unlike many encyclopedias whose entries are supplied by a large number of contributors, all elements of this volume are completed by a single author who brings his impeccable credentials to the task."American Reference Books Annual

". . . it is the only encyclopedic source of its kind and is recommended for large public libraries and academic libraries."Reference & User Services Quarterly

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