The Ancient Indus Valley

New Perspectives

by Jane R. McIntosh


The Indus Valley gave rise to one of the most sophisticated civilizations of the Bronze Age, a remarkably peaceful society that developed everything from a complex political organization to sanitary plumbing to a rich mythology. Then it vanished, forgotten by history for millenia, until remarkable finds in the 1920s led to its rediscovery.

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November 2007


Pages 441
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics World History/Culture

This work is a revealing study of the enigmatic Indus civilization and how a rich repertoire of archaeological tools is being used to probe its puzzles.

The Ancient Indus Valley: New Perspectives takes readers back to a civilization as complex as its contemporaries in Mesopotamia and Egypt, one that covered a far larger region, yet lasted a much briefer time (less than a millennium) and left few visible traces.

Researchers have tentatively reconstructed a model of Indus life based on limited material remains and despite its virtually indecipherable written record. This volume describes what is known about the roots of Indus civilization in farming culture, as well as its far-flung trading network, sophisticated crafts and architecture, and surprisingly war-free way of life. Readers will get a glimpse of both a remarkable piece of the past and the extraordinary methods that have brought it back to life.


  • A chronological overview that establishes the important phases of the Indus civilization and places Indus society in the historical context of the development of South Asia
  • Illustrations showing speculative reconstructions of the Indus civilization's magnificent cities and photographs of artifacts from exquisite jewelry to beautiful carved seals


  • Gives an in-depth picture of a fascinating and colorful civilization that is far less widely known than others of its time
  • Gathers and analyzes important results from recent surveys and excavations in South Asia and neighboring regions
  • Makes accessible to general readers a wealth of sound scholarship in one convenient volume
Author Info

Jane McIntosh, PhD, is a professional archaeological writer. She has taught archaeology at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, and has excavated in Europe, India, and Iraq. Her published works include A Peaceful Realm and the award-winning Practical Archaeologist, as well as ABC-CLIO's Ancient Mesopotamia.



"An extremely readable book accompanied by numerous illustrations, it belongs in larger public, secondary school, and college libraries as a resource and can serve well as a textbook for a course on the topic."ARBA

"Highly recommended for archaeological studies collections."Library Journal

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