Civil Wars of the World

Major Conflicts since World War II

by Karl DeRouen, Jr. and Uk Heo, Editors


In the post–World War II era, warfare has broken out in virtually every corner of the globe, and the majority of those conflicts have been internal—nations at war with themselves, fighting over age-old ethnic and religious hostilities, territorial autonomy, political ideologies, the nation's wealth, and more. What are the causes of civil war? Why are they more common in some regions than in others?

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May 2007


Pages 865
Volumes 2
Size 7x10
Topics Military History/Conflict and Wars

This unique two-volume reference is the most authoritative, up-to-date resource available for information and data on the most volatile civil wars around the globe since World War II.

At a time when historians are devoting more and more research to conflicts within nations, Civil Wars of the World: Major Conflicts since World War II is an invaluable addition to the available resources. In two volumes, it ranges around the globe to cover the most volatile and deadly civil wars of the past 60 years, including the bloody impasses in the Middle East; devastating tribal warfare in Africa; Cold War–fueled conflicts in Eastern Europe and Asia; the seemingly unbreakable cycle of rebellion and repression in some regions of Latin America; and more.

Civil Wars of the World moves country by country to describe the causes, course, and consequences of internal conflicts within each nation. Coverage includes the historical background of each country, geographic and economic factors, descriptions of rebel groups and governments (e.g., regime type, size of military, capacity), terrorism, foreign and/or intergovernmental organization (IGO) intervention (UN, foreign support for rebels), foreign aid, and prospects for peace.


  • A–Z entries cover over 70 nations around the world where the deadliest civil wars have broken out, including information on the nation's history, politics, rebel factions, and the course of the conflict
  • Contributions from an international group of accomplished historians, including David Carment and Michael Baruticiski
  • Includes an extensive introductory essay plus regional essays that explore trends and overall themes
  • Maps for each nation examined provide all pertinent geographic and political data while charting the course of each conflict
  • Extensive reference material for each entry, including bibliographies and print and online reference citations


  • Pulls together information on civil war onset, duration, and outcome—an exceptionally important and timely topic
  • The first major reference on civil wars in this time frame
  • Designed to facilitate comparisons among different conflicts within and across nations
  • Explores the effects of conflicts between nations on rival factions within nations
Author Info

Karl DeRouen, Jr., PhD, is associate professor of political science and director of the international studies program at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL. He has published in numerous scholarly journals, including British Journal of Political Science and Journal of Peace Research, and is coauthor of ABC-CLIO's Defense and Security: A Compendium of National Armed Forces and Security Policies.

Uk Heo, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI. He has published in such journals as British Journal of Political Science and Journal of Politics and is coauthor of ABC-CLIO's Defense and Security: A Compendium of National Armed Forces and Security Policies.



"The set promises lasting reference value for any high school to college-level specialty military collection."Midwest Book Review

"Civil Wars of the World: Major Conflicts Since World War II is highly recommended for college and university libraries and for special libraries associated with political and military establishments."Reference & User Services Quarterly

"Recommended. Lower-level undergraduates through graduate students; general readers."Choice

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