Iberia and the Americas

Culture, Politics, and History

by J. Michael Francis, Editor


From silver mines and slavery to soccer and salsa, Ibero-American relations have often ranged from the tragic, as in the rift between Madrid and Washington in the wake of the Madrid train bombings in 2004, to the inspiring, as in Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldo's role in helping to make Real Madrid the most successful soccer team in the world.

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November 2005


Pages 1165
Volumes 3
Size 7x10
Topics Geography and World Cultures/Countries and Regions
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This comprehensive encyclopedia covers the reciprocal effects that the politics, foreign policy, and culture of Spain, Portugal, and the American nations have had on one another since the time of Columbus.

From the discovery of Newfoundland and Labrador by Portuguese explorer Gaspar Corte Real in 1501 to the phenomenal Hollywood careers of Spanish movie stars such as Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz, Iberia and the Americas traces 500 years of Iberian influence on the Americas and vice versa. Featuring six introductory essays and a chronology of key events, this three-volume encyclopedia examines more than five centuries of transatlantic encounters.

Students of a wide range of disciplines, as well as the lay reader, will appreciate this exhaustive survey, which traces Spanish and Portuguese influence throughout the Americas and highlights how Iberian cultures have in turn been enriched by the diverse cultures of the Americas.


  • More than 400 cross-referenced entries covering events and themes as diverse as the impact in Iberia of foodstuffs introduced from the New World, such as tomatoes and potatoes, and U.S. policy toward Spain and Portugal during the Cold War
  • An extensive bibliography listing sources ranging from archival letters to the most recent scholarship from the Americas, Spain, and Portugal


  • Explores Iberia's influence throughout the Americas in a wide range of areas of human endeavor
  • Examines the profound influence of the nations of the Americas on contemporary Spain and Portugal
  • Includes contributions from internationally recognized scholars who are experts in their fields
Author Info

J. Michael Francis, PhD, is associate professor of history at the University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL, where he teaches Latin American colonial history. He is the author of numerous articles on demography, religion, and migration in early-colonial New Granada (present-day Colombia).

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