The Victorians at War, 1815-1914

An Encyclopedia of British Military History

by Harold E. Raugh, Jr.


During the Victorian Era, Britain's empire covered approximately one quarter of the world's landmass. Such an empire required the development of a powerful army, and this volume explores all aspects of the history of that imperial army from 1815 to 1914, including its many wars, campaigns, military leaders, weaponry, training, and education.

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October 2004


Pages 405
Volumes 1
Size 8 1/2x11
Topics Military History/General
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Capturing the strength of the British Army from 1815 to 1914, this groundbreaking reference presents the most recent research on the most significant wars, campaigns, battles, and leaders.

The Victorians at War, 1815–1914: An Encyclopedia of British Military History surveys the major wars, campaigns, battles, and expeditions of the British Army as well as its weaponry, tactics, and all other aspects of its operations from the end of the Napoleonic Wars to the dawn of World War I.

Containing numerous maps depicting various theaters of war, this all-encompassing volume explains why the numerous military operations took place and what the results were. Biographies reveal fascinating facts about British and Indian Army officers and other ranks, while other entries deal with recruitment, training, education and literacy, uniforms, equipment, pay and conditions, social backgrounds of the soldiers, diseases and wounds they fell victim to, and much more. This volume is indispensable to those wanting to gain information about the British Army during this remarkable imperial era.


  • Over 350 A–Z entries including important commanders, adversaries, battles, tactics, weapons, training, education, and military reform
  • Easy-to-understand maps depicting various theaters of war, campaigns, and battles
  • Comprehensive chronology of all major British wars, campaigns, and expeditions during this period
  • Informative appendices including lists of British Army and Indian Army commanders-in-chief


  • The only encyclopedia of its kind that deals comprehensively with British military history during this period
  • Includes detailed information on British Army and Indian Army officers, including their pay, provisions for retirement, social background, sources of commissioning, training and education, and uniforms and equipment
Author Info

Harold E. Raugh, Jr., is the command historian of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center and Presidio of Monterey, Monterey, CA, and a fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel of infantry and his published works include Wavell in the Middle East, 1939–1941: A Study in Generalship and Presidio of Monterey.



"This is a very easy-to-use and highly readable book. It could supplement history collections as well as strengthen the reference sections on the Victorian era and on the British Empire. It would be a good purchase for academic and large public library collections, satisfying both the informal researcher and the serious student."Booklist

"A helpful work of synthesis . . . Highly recommended. Military and undergraduate libraries, and public libraries."Choice

"[A]n excellent sourcebook for high school and college students. . . . An excellent work of reference."Journal of Military History

"The Victorians at War is a great book for research into the British Army's history during its high point in world history."American Reference Books Annual

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