Men & Masculinities

A Social, Cultural, and Historical Encyclopedia

by Michael Kimmel and Amy Aronson


The stereotypes of men in popular culture, from hairy-chested movie stars to rough-hewn heroes, do not alone represent masculinity. In fact, there are many ways to define masculine behavior, from revealing one's feminine side to consuming vast quantities of beer. Now, leading scholars explore the origins, structures, and dynamics of masculinity in a unique reference work.

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December 2003


Pages 892
Volumes 2
Size 7x10
Topics American History/General
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The first encyclopedia to analyze, summarize, and explain the complexities of men's lives and the idea of modern manhood.

The process of "making masculinity visible" has been going on for over two decades and has produced a prodigious and interesting body of work. But until now the subject has had no authoritative reference source. Men & Masculinities, a pioneering two-volume work, corrects the oversight by summarizing the latest historical, biological, cross-cultural, psychological, and sociological research on the subject. It also looks at literature, art, and music from a gender perspective. The contributors are experts in their specialties and their work is directed, organized, and coedited by one of the premier scholars in the field, Michael Kimmel.

The coverage brings together for the first time considerable knowledge of men and manhood, focusing on such areas as sexual violence, intimacy, pornography, homophobia, sports, profeminist men, rituals, sexism, and many other important subjects. Clearly, this unique reference is a valuable guide to students, teachers, writers, policymakers, journalists, and others who seek a fuller understanding of gender in the United States.


  • Nearly 400 A–Z entries from aging and intimacy to puberty and Westerns
  • Cross-references in each entry to other relevant entries
  • An impressive list of contributors including many of the world's premier scholars
  • Illustrations of key historical events, people, and ideas that enhance understanding of the material


  • The first authoritative reference work on men and manhood
  • Provides a scholarly look at the subject from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Coedited by leading scholars in the field
Author Info

Michael Kimmel is professor of sociology at State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY, and the author of Manhood in America, The Gendered Society and Men's Lives. He is founder and editor of the journal Men and Masculinities.

Amy Aronson, PhD, is a professional writer and the U.S. editor of the international quarterly Media History.



"Offer[s] substantial articles on a wide range of relevant topics, individuals, creative works and characters, theories, and events that over centuries have shaped the notion of American masculinity and its implications for men and women . . . Long—perhaps too long—in coming, [this] informative encyclopedia demonstrate[s] the maturity of the men's movement and the interdisciplinary breadth of men's studies since these began to emerge three decades ago. [It] will provide information, help clarify the issues in play, and raise the consciousness of many not yet aware of the vitality of this small movement and its related academic discipline . . . [We] advise that reference collections in academic and large public libraries make [this] available to their users."Booklist

"[T]he editors of this two-volume work . . . take a refreshingly practical approach to organizing its material . . . valuable expansion on the available reference literature on gender issues and men as participants in gender dynamics. This work is most suitable for the reference collections of large public, college, and university libraries."American Reference Books Annual

"Kimmel and Aronson have compiled a comprehensive and authoritative encyclopedia that will find a niche in male studies. No previous encyclopedia has specifically addressed the study of men and masculinities . . . Highly recommended. Lower-division undergraduates and higher."Choice

"Recommended for reference collections in academic and public libraries."Reference & User Services Quarterly

"[A] work involving editors and many contributors with distinguished research and publishing records in the field of gender studies . . . Readers interested in learning more about current research trends and theoretical perspectives in an important new field of gender studies will unquestionably benefit from browsing through Men and Masculinities."C&RL News


Best of Reference 2004 — The New York Public Library

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