Encyclopedia of Women and Sports

by Victoria Sherrow

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December 1996


Pages 382
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Women's Studies/General
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Women have participated in sports throughout history, but only in recent years has this participation become widespread and attained recognition equal to that of men. Encyclopedia of Women and Sports is a clearly written, comprehensive, illustrated volume including nearly 600 entries on all aspects of women and sports in the United States, from the different sports to people and events; from teams and organizations to laws and court cases.

Readers will learn about Stacy Allison, the first woman to climb Mt. Everest; women who have run the Boston Marathon; how the 19th Amendment has affected women's sports; female shotputters; and how steroids affect women's muscles. Features include an introduction, cross-references, bibliography, and index.

Students, librarians, historians, athletes, sports journalists, and general readers will find this book informative and entertaining, useful for both research and browsing.


  • Includes an introduction, cross references, and a bibliography
Author Info

Victoria Sherrow Victoria Sherrow is the author of numerous books in the fields of history, social issues, biography, and science.



"...this timely, popular encyclopedia will receive frequent use and fulfill numerous needs."Rettig on Reference (

"A useful reference book offering new insights and complementing the existing literature; recommended for medium and large public libraries."Library Journal

"Encyclopedia of Women and Sports underscores the progress women have made not only as athletes but as coaches, officials, teachers, administrators, sportscasters, sportswriters, and women's rights advocates. Current as of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, entries are concise, interesting, and readable with see also and bibliographical references. The encyclopedia is highly recommended."American Reference Books Annual

"The Sherrow volume should be a mandatory addition to every library however big or small."International Journal of the History of Sport

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