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Greenwood Guides to Great Ideas in Science



Students are often asked to understand complex scientific concepts in a vacuum - they are expected to grasp the significance of profound scientific truths from a few pages in a textbook or a brief classroom demonstration. But educators realize that the context of the development of scientific ideas can help students better understand the power and usefulness of science. The Greenwood Guides to Great Ideas in Science provides just this context. Each volume - written by a leading historian or philosopher of science - traces the development of a particular scientific concept from ancient times to the present day. Thus, the series helps students understand not only what scientists know, but how they came to know them. Each volume: BLDT Supports the recommendations of national science education standards on the history and nature of science BLDT Provides copious print and electronic resources for further research BLDT Is heavily illustrated with historical images and scientific graphs and charts BLDT Includes a glossary of important terms used in scientific research past and present that enables students to better understand the language of science and a timeline of important events