Topic: Librarianship / Management, Administration, and Finance

Library and Information Center Management
Seventh Edition
Robert D. Stueart and Barbara B. Moran

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Robert D. Stueart and Barbara B. Moran

Library and Information Center Management

Seventh Edition

Robert D. Stueart and Barbara B. Moran Robert D. Stueart and Barbara B. Moran

June 2007

Libraries Unlimited

Series: Library and Information Science Text Series

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The latest edition of a management classic sports a new look!

The latest edition of this management classic sports a fresh new look to complement its updated content. It continues to cover all of the important functions involved in library management and development. New chapters on marketing, team building and ethics have been added; thought provoking mini-cases and other activities introduced or expanded; and more international materials referenced than ever before. A perennial favorite in the classroom, an invaluable reference source for information managers everywhere.
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SECTION 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Managing in Today's Library and Information Centers
Chapter 2: Evolution of Management Thought
Chapter 3: The Innovative Process
SECTION 2: Planning
Chapter 4: Planning Information Services and Systems
Chapter 5: Strategic Planning--Thinking and Doing
Chapter 6: Marketing Information Services
SECTION 3: Organizing
Chapter 7: Organizations and Organizational Culture
Chapter 8: Structuring the Organization--Specialization and Coordination
Chapter 9: Types of Formal Organizations--Today and in the Future
SECTION 4: Human Resources
Chapter 10: Staffing the Library
Chapter 11: The Human Resources Functions in the Library
Chapter 12: Other Issues in Human Resource Management
SECTION 5: Leading
Chapter 13: Motivation
Chapter 14: Leadership
Chapter 15: Ethics
Chapter 16: Communication
Participative Management and the Use of Teams in Libraries
SECTION 6: Coordinating
Chapter 18: Measuring, Evaluating, and Coordinating Organization Performance
Chapter 19: Financial Responsibility and Control
SECTION 7: Managing in the 21st Century
Chapter 20: Managers: The Next Generation
"Very readable, this text combines the seminal literature of management with current applications in contemporary libraries. ...It is useful not only as a textbook for library school students, but also as a handbook for middle and even senior-level library managers."—Technicalities

"The seventh edition of this management classic has been thoroughly updated, with new chapters on marketing, team building, and ethics, and covers all the essential functions involved in library management. New theories, concepts, and practices currently being developed and used are included. For examples, the virtual library, changing demographics, and customer needs and expectations all demand a reexamination of staff, acquisitions, and technology. Case studies, role-playing situations, What Do You Think? exercises, and action mazes complement and emphasize the principles discussed. The companion Web site provides more case studies; the Budget Case Studies section is particularly valuable. Additionally, each chapter is introduced by a minicase or overview of the principle being discussed. Both novices and veteran managers will find this to be a valuable tool."—Booklist

"Enlarged and redesigned, the textbook discusses management best practices and their implementation in libraries....New chapters discuss marketing, team building, and ethics. A companion website expands on the many case studies, examples, and exercises found in the book."—American Libraries