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Successful Keyword Searching
Initiating Research on Popular Topics Using Electronic Databases
Randall M. MacDonald, Susan Priest MacDonald

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Randall M. MacDonald, Susan Priest MacDonald

Successful Keyword Searching

Initiating Research on Popular Topics Using Electronic Databases

Randall M. MacDonald, Susan Priest MacDonald Randall M. MacDonald, Susan Priest MacDonald

December 2000


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Students are using electronic resources more than ever before to locate information for assignments. Without the proper search terms, results are incomplete, and students are frustrated. Using the keywords, key people, organizations, and web sites provided in this book, compiled from the most commonly used databases, students will be able to perform successful searches for 144 of the most popular research topics, on their own or in the classroom.

The 144 topics are divided into nine broad subject areas: Arts and Literature; Business, Communication, and Economics; Culture and Cultural Diversity; Health and Wellness; History, Political Science and Law; Philosophy and Religion; Science and Technology; Social Issues and Sociology; and Sports and Recreational Interests. Each topic section provides an extended list of keywords to be used alone or in combination with other words in the section to perform Boolean searches. The selected lists of key people include activists, artists, entertainers, politicians, scientists, and other well-known personalities in each field. Organizations and web sites lead the student to even more resources, providing a solid overview of each topic for the beginning researcher, as well as increasing general on-line searching skills.
Keyword Searching: An Overview
144 Research Topics: Keywords and Internet Resources
Arts and Literature
Business, Communication, and Economics
Culture and Cultural Diversity
Health and Wellness
History, Political Science, and Law
Philosophy and Religion
Science and Technology
Social Issues and Sociology
Sports and Recreational Interests
An invaluable resource for library media specialists who have teachers who expect a list of reliable Web sites on a moment's notice. It will also be valuable as a starting point for developing research assignments on unfamiliar subjects.—School Library Journal

All levels of learners can benefit from using their lists.—American Libraries

In essence, this handy reference streamlines the initial hunting-and-pecking process that most beginning researchers flounder through until the right combination of terms produces enough relevant results. Instead of digging through many resources, the researcher finds a ready-made list in one book. Even though it is written for the public library patron and K-12 students, it is also recommended for purchase by libraries serving lower-undergraduate students.—E-Streams