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Ashe, Traditional Religion and Healing in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Diaspora:
A Classified International Bibliography
John Gray

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John Gray

Ashe, Traditional Religion and Healing in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Diaspora:

A Classified International Bibliography

John Gray John Gray

July 1989


Series: Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Studies

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This bibliography is the most comprehensive available on the subject of African and Afro-American traditional religion and healing. By covering works from 1760 to the present, this bibliography offers not only the most up-to-date information on the subject, but also the most complete bibliographic survey of Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latin religious traditions yet compiled. Consequently, researchers will be able to begin to develop an understanding of one of the most important cultural components of the rapidly growing Caribbean population in the United States.

Nearly 6,000 entries on all aspects of the black religious heritage cite, in seven different languages, the broadest range of media possible, e.g. films, videos, books, dissertations, unpublished papers, and periodical and newspaper articles. Included are sections on art, music, dance, and theatre, as well as a selected list of works on related topics such as trance and spirit possession, comparative religion, and glossolalia. Created with the researcher in mind, Ashe is divided into such general categories as regional studies, ethnic group studies, and a number of more specialized subject categories. This reference work will also offer a key to those interested in understanding the tremendous growth of African-derived religious traditions in South America and their long-range sociopolitical ramifications. For students and scholars of Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Afro-America, whether they be anthropologists, sociologists, health care workers, ethnomusicologists, or historians, this bibliography offers a much needed resource guide to one of the most vital facets of black world culture.
Foreword by Robert Farris Thompson
African Traditional Religion
General and Background Material
African Traditional Religion--General Works
Regional Studies
West Africa
Central Africa
Southern Africa
East Africa
African Traditions in the Diaspora
General and Background Material
Religion in the Diaspora
Regional Studies
Latin America
Central America
South America
The Caribbean
United States
Appendix I: Reference Works
Appendix II: Archives and Research Centers
Ethnic Index
Subject Index
Author Index
Gray, a culture historian and author of Blacks in Classical Music, spent four years compiling this bibliography. Some of the 5,953 entries are listed in more than one of the classified sections, which are arranged by such topics as traditional religion, mythology, philosophy, traditional medicine and witchcraft, and geography (regions and countries within Africa and the diaspora). Many of the geographic sections are subdivided by ethnic groups, dieties, and other topics including divination, sacred music, and zombies. Each classified section is subdivided by type of material: books, dissertations, theses, articles in books, journals and newspapers, unpublished papers, and media. More newspaper and popular magazine articles and more films and videos are listed for regions outside Africa; English translations of European-language books are listed for Africa only. Most of the materials cited are written in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. There are a few titles in Yoruba, but other African languages are excluded.—Choice