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The Role and Impact of the Internet on Library and Information Services
Lewis-Guodo Liu

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Lewis-Guodo Liu

The Role and Impact of the Internet on Library and Information Services

Lewis-Guodo Liu Lewis-Guodo Liu

August 2001


Series: Contributions in Librarianship and Information Science

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Examines how the Internet impacts library operations such as library administration, collection development, cataloging, interlibrary loan and document delivery, reference services, and bibliographic instruction.

Since that time, the literature on the Internet and its impact on and role in libraries and research has exploded. A simple keyword search in Library Literature and Information Index, a primary electronic index of library and information science research literature, retrieves over 6,500 items related to the Internet. The dominance of the Internet not only provides great opportunities for libraries to provide better services, but also poses tremendous challenges to librarians and library and information science scholars. This volume includes discussions of current issues and trends, written by scholars and practitioners in the fields of library and information science, computer science, and computer engineering.
The History of the Internet
A Brief History of the Internet by Barry M. Leiner, Vinton G. Cerf, David D. Clark, Robert E. Kahn, Leonard Kleinrock, Daniel C. Lynch, Jon Postel, Larry G. Roberts, and Stephen Wolff
The Impact of the Internet on Library Operations
Internet and Library Administration by Arthur Downing
The Internet and Collection Development in Academic Libraries: Opportunities and Challenges by Thomas E. Nisonger
The Impact of the Internet on Cataloging by William Wheeler and Mathew Beacon
The Impact of the Internet on Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Practice by Cindy Kristof
Information Services in Electronic Communities by Bryce Allen
Bibliographic Instruction on the Internet by Gill Allen
The Impact of the Internet on Various Library and Information Services
The Emergence of Business Information Resources and Services on the Internet and Its Impact on Business Librarianship by Lewis Guodo Liu
The Internet and Government Information Services by Sherry Engel
The Internet and Information Services for the Sciences by Carolyn Mills and Jonathan Nabe
The Changing Face of the Academic Media Center in the Age of the Internet by Mary Schneider Laskowski
Archives and the Internet by Sandra Roff and Anthony Cucchiara
Internet Training in Libraris
Internet Training by D. Scott Brandt
A good volume to lay the foundations of how the preconceptions of existing library practice ought to be challenges, and should be considered by all library practitioners.—The Journal of Academic Librarianship