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Local and Regional Government Information
Mary Martin

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Mary Martin

Local and Regional Government Information

Mary Martin Mary Martin

February 2005


Series: How to Find It, How to Use It

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This unique, timesaving guide offers strategies for locating local and regional government information.

Local and regional government information is essential to government workers, corporate researchers, students, and many other citizens, but finding a city ordinance or a county report can be a daunting experience. This unique, timesaving, and easy-to-use reference guide offers strategies for locating local and regional government information, including what to look for, how and where to search, and what to expect.

Leading users through the labyrinth of records and reports available from a wide variety of sources, this guide provides tips on how to use sources effectively and efficiently in real-world research.

An accessible overview covers the different types of government documents, how local governments are organized, and how to contact government agencies and archives. The guide also describes the major general indexes and bibliographies covering local government information, including the Index to Current Urban Documents and the BRB Public Record Research System. Whether researching census records, looking up local laws and regulations, or determining eligibility for government assistance, this reference offers indispensable assistance.
List of Illustrations
Access to Local Governmental Information
Forms of Local Government Structure
Municipal, County, and Regional Governmental Archives
Finding Local Government Information in General Indexes and Bibliographies
Finding Information on Municipal and County Codes
Finding Local Government Administrative Sources
Finding Information on Local Courts
Finding Local Census Information
Local Government Resources on Genealogy
Finding Information on Local Health Services
Finding Information on Crime and Criminals
Finding Local Government Map Resources
Finding Information on Parks and Museums
How to Find Local Governmental Information on Education
How to Find Local Governmental Environmental Information
Planning and Zoning
Finding Information on Transportation and Public Works
Budgets, Taxes, Revenue Sources
Small Business Loans, Grants, and Financial Assistance
"Locating the unique and valuable publications produced by local governments (e.g., land use documents, maps, local budgets) can offer significant challenges to information professionals. Martin, the author of articles on government documents and a member of ALA's Government Documents Roundtable, here offers substantial assistance....Recommended. Graduate students, researchers, and professionals/practitioners."—Choice

"[M]artin provides a framework for understanding how local governments in the US are organized, how they produce information, where the information may be stored, and how to go about finding and using it in a world where, as librarians know, everything isn't online. The reference covers big-pictures issues such as uncovering information on municipal and county codes, demographics, education, budgets and taxes, the environment, courts and criminals, loans and financial assistance, and other topics."—Reference & Research Book News