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Black Theatre and Performance
A Pan-African Bibliography
John Gray

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John Gray

Black Theatre and Performance

A Pan-African Bibliography

John Gray John Gray

February 1990


Series: Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Studies

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This volume represents the first major bibliography on Black theatre and performance in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, and Canada. Unlike previous bibliographies on the topic, this work gives equal weight to Africa and the African Diaspora, and to biographical/critical material and play texts themselves. John Gray has collected more than 4,000 entries from a broad range of media, books, dissertations and theses, unpublished papers, periodical and newspaper articles, films, and videotapes. More than 650 playwrights and theatre groups from 45 countries are featured, as are performance genres that range from masquerades and carnival celebrations to the most recent works of noted playwrights such as Wole Soyinka and Derek Walcott.

The work is organized into two categories: studies of specific geographic areas and countries, and materials on individual playwrights. Within these categories, works cited are further divided according to the type of material, such as book, journal, or dissertation. Also included are a listing of major bibliographies on African-American theatre, and two appendices that cite reference works and provide a regional listing of African and African Diaspora playwrights and theatre companies. A set of four indexes, covering artists, play titles, subjects, and authors of cited works, conclude the book and provide easy access to its comprehensive listings. This unique work will be an important resource for courses in African studies, theatre arts, and minority and ethnic studies. It will also be a useful addition to the reference collections of college, university, and public libraries.
Cultural History and the Arts
African Theatre
General Works
Regional Studies: West Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa
Individual Playwrights
Black Theatre in the Diaspora--Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America
General Works
Regional Studies
Appendix I: Reference Works
Appendix II: Regional List of Playwrights and Theatre Companies
Artists Index
Title Index
Subject Index
Author Index
This important work contains just short of 4,000 citations to monographs, chapters in monographs, journal articles, dissertations, audio tapes, video tapes, and reviews. Drawn from a wide range of sources, the citations are to North American and Western European as well as African imprints. The main body of the work is divided into three sections: `Cultural History and the Arts,' `African Theatre,' and `Black Theatre and Performance in the Diaspora.' Further subdivisions within these sections focus on geographical areas and individual playwrights. There are two appendixes, the first containing an additional 200 citations to general reference works in the area of African and black theater, the second consisting of extensive regional lists of individual playwrights and theater companies. Because of its arrangement, it is an easy bibliography to browse. Four separate indexes (artist, title, subject, and author) simplify its use even further. No other bibliographic compilation in African and black theater is as recent or as comprehensive. Highly recommended for all academic libraries.—Choice

Over 4,000 citations of primary and secondary (critical and biographical) works on the writing and performance of theater in Africa and the African diaspora in Canada, Europe (including the UK), the Caribbean, and Latin America. Arranged both by geography and by playwright. A useful supplement to the bibliographies in many collections.—Reference & Research Book News

This first major bibliographic collection includes both Africa and the African Diaspora in its references, charting the evolution black theatre and its performers throughout Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America. Over four thousand entries are offered from media which includes unpublished papers, dissertations and videotapes, making this one of the most extensive references available on the subject.—The Bookwatch

Author John Gray lists more than 4,000 entries from books, dissertations, theses, unpublished papers, media, and other sources in Black Theatre and Performance: A Pan-African Bibliography. Gray features more than 650 playwrights and theater groups from 45 countries excluding the U.S. in the 414-page, indexed work. Performance genres cited range from South African protest plays to African masquerades and New World carnivals. Citations are arranged both by individual playwright and by geographic area. No. 25 in the Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American Studies series.—American Libraries