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The Cultural Context of Aging
Worldwide Perspectives, Third Edition
Jay Sokolovsky

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Jay Sokolovsky

The Cultural Context of Aging

Worldwide Perspectives, Third Edition

Jay Sokolovsky Jay Sokolovsky

December 2008


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This edition of the unique, award-winning text introduces 21st century developments and trends, and includes links to an interactive website operated by the author, featuring additional text and illustrations, along with retired chapters from earlier editions, as well as an instructors-only section to support teaching.

The consequences of global aging will influence virtually all areas of life to be encountered in the 21st century, including the biological limits of healthy longevity, the generational contract and nature of family ties, the makeup of households and communities, symbolic representations of midlife and old age and attitudes toward disability and death. The new edition (3rd) of the award winning book The Cultural Context of Aging: World-Wide Perspectives covers all these topics and more. This unique volume uses a qualitative, case study approach to look at the rapidly emerging new cultural spaces and social scripts through which mid and late life are being encountered globally. It is completely revised with over thirty new original works covering China, Japan, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, indigenous Amazonia, rural Italy and the ethnic landscape of the U.S.

A new feature of the book includes an integrated set of web book articles listed in the table of contents and available on the book’s web site: ( This is in addition to the largest web support of its kind providing literature updates, educational activities and even access to power points, graphics and video supplementing the text.

In this one of a kind edited text, readers will encounter the laughing clubs of India, the centenarian diet plan of Okinawa, the waltzing elders of urban China, aging in a true woman-centered society, the elderscapes of Florida, the challenge of “Conscious Aging,” Japan’s robotic granny minders, Denmark’s “Flexsecurity” long-term care system; the Midwest’s elder-friendly communities, “Eldertopia” and the “Green House” model for dementia care. Welcome to your future!
"This third edition of the study of aging in many cultures, edited by Sokolovsky (anthropology, University of South Florida) has been much expanded and updated. . . . The book is replete with supporting statistics, notes and an extensive bibliography."—Reference & Research Book News