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Creating the High-Functioning Library Space

Expert Advice from Librarians, Architects, and Designers

by Marta Mestrovic Deyrup, Editor


Reading this book is like sitting down with a knowledgeable, impartial consultant before beginning a major library renovation project.

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November 2016

Libraries Unlimited

Pages 158
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Management and Administration/Buildings and Facilities
  Management and Administration/Strategic Planning

This book provides practical information and insights to library administrators and building plan team members at academic and public libraries who are considering or starting a library expansion or reconfiguration of existing space.

Building a new library or expanding or renovating an existing building brings up a host of questions and concerns, not the least of which involves the future of the library. This book addresses those issues in light of an overarching positive vision of libraries and their evolving purposes and roles in the 21st century.

This guide identifies and addresses all of the steps in the building process, including preparing the request for proposal (RFP), selecting the right architect for the job, developing a financial contingency plan, and managing stakeholders' expectations. The book presents both the perspectives and experience of library administrators and management personnel as well as the insights of accomplished library architects and designers. It provides thorough, practical, and current guidance in a process that library administrators often find daunting and "risk immersive." Reading this book is like sitting down with a knowledgeable, impartial consultant before beginning a major renovation project—a tremendous asset for library administrators as well as architectural firms.


  • Covers all of the steps in the building process, from preparing the RFP and selecting an architect to developing a financial contingency plan and managing community and staff expectations
  • Includes contributions from some of the most accomplished library architects and designers from across the nation
  • Presents information of great relevance and interest to library administrators as well as to architectural firms that work with libraries
Author Info

Marta Mestrovic Deyrup, PhD, is head of technical services at Seton Hall University Libraries. Before becoming a librarian, she worked in the publishing industry. Deyrup is a freelance acquisitions editor for ABC-CLIO/Libraries Unlimited and acquisitions editor for the Library Information Technology Association (LITA) guide series. She is the author of several books and numerous articles.



"A guide to the establishment of a public or academic library, Deyrup’s overview outlines priorities. The thirteen chapters coordinate the writings of sixteen experts in architecture, interior design, and library services. Essential to the planning stages, descriptions of community and campus evaluations and user needs precede the hiring of structural consultants. . . . This text is recommended for an audience needing a guide for the titular purpose."—VOYA

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