Databases: Online Curriculum Resources for Middle and High School Students

An extremely comprehensive and fully integrated, topic-specific reference library filled with authoritative, award-winning content that is available to student researchers anytime, anywhere.
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Authoritative Reference from Leading Scholars
  • 150,000 reference entries
  • 80,000 primary sources
  • Documents, audio, video, maps, images, facts, figures, timelines, and glossaries
Students are connected to a standards-based curriculum that is continually updated.
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Resources that Focus Student Research and Understanding
  • Correlates to common core and state standards
  • Correlates to major textbooks
  • Each core concept includes activities and discussion questions to promote more complete understanding
  • All topics link to a rich set of resources that encourage further and deeper learning
Unique to ABC-CLIO, this deep collection of model commentaries exposes students to a variety of perspectives, helping them develop information literacy skills and write informed essays.
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Multiple Perspectives on Enduring Dilemmas
  • Over 500 carefully crafted perspectives with background, key questions, and primary documents
  • Develops information literacy skills of interrogating data, analyzing primary sources and interpreting events
  • "Ask the Cybrarian" feature offers additional help to students doing research
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When You Choose ABC-CLIO Solutions
You Save Money
ABC-CLIO Solutions are a fraction of the cost of conventional library resources. And, with a range of multiproduct, site and district licensing options, we can custom tailor a plan to meet your specific needs. Your students will get continually updated content, and you’ll replace outdated print and eBooks with always-current, cost-effective online resources.
You’re Aligned to State and Common Core Standards
Alignment to major textbooks and commonly used standards helps students prepare for college and careers. ABC-CLIO Solutions model the rigor needed for success after high school, and can be used as core resources when preparing for AP or exit exams.
You’re Assured of Vetted, Authoritative Content
ABC-CLIO is an award-winning publisher with a half-century tradition of quality and integrity. All content in our online resources is reviewed and approved by subject experts, scholars, and elite educators--unlike wiki-style encyclopedias and search engine results.
You Improve Teaching Effectiveness
ABC-CLIO Solutions support differentiated learning styles by giving students multiple opportunities to exercise newly acquired skills and knowledge. Interactive technology engages students, allowing them to research and learn at their own pace and level.
You Support 21st-Century Learning
ABC-CLIO Solutions foster critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, communication, and collaboration. Studies show that students who engage in research improve as writers. They are better able to support a point of view and express themselves clearly.
You Save Time for Students, Teachers, and Librarians
All ABC-CLIO Solutions share common functions and navigation. Learn one and you know them all. Their deep resources guide students through research and writing, while powerful filters help student researchers find exactly what they’re looking for quickly.
You Get Outstanding Integration and Support
ABC-CLIO Solutions come with lesson plans, discussion catalysts, links to professional development tools, and other materials that help librarians ensure our resources are fully integrated in the classroom. And, our trained support specialists are on hand to answer questions, support implementation, and address any functionality issues.