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Library and Information Center Management, Eighth Edition

Barbara B. Moran, Robert D. Stueart, and Claudia J. Morner 
Case Studies

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Case Studies/Planning  

  • For This We Need a Master's Degree?
    A group of academic librarians are upset because they have to spend a large amount of their time on the care and feeding of the library's computers and printers.
  • What Now, Jeanne Leforte?
    A public librarian expects to get a large merit-based pay increase but instead find that she has been givn a less than satisfactory performance evaluation.
  • Is This a Public Library or a Refuge for the Homeless?
    A public library director has a hard time balancing the demands of patrons to eject a homeless woman from the library with the rights and the needs of the homeless population in a depressed urban setting.
  • The Red Carnation
    An applicant for the directorship of a public library is asked to explain how he would conduct a community service and plan library programs.

Case Studies/Organizing  

  • Mae Gets A Job
    A newly appointed director confronts both the problems of centralization/decentralization and an unruly subordinate.
  • Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything
  • The Case of an Overachiever
    An assistant director finds that she is being asked to take on many of the responsibilities that at least on paper belong to the director.
  • Inequitable Treatment?
    Job descriptions do not always match what employees are asked to do on a job.
  • Speak No Evil
    Problems arise in an organization where the the prevailing culture is to never say anyting negative about another employee.

Case Studies/Human Resources  

  • Your Religion or Your Job
    A fairly new employee asks for personal time off to attend a religious retreat, but the library's rules do not permit personal leave until an employee has worked for six months.
  • The Perfect Little Mousy Employee
    An employee with a bad back gets little sympathy when she requests a special chair recommended by her chiropractor.
  • The Politically Incorrect Employee
    What do you do when a long-time employee offends patrons by using terms that they find objectionable?
  • Differential Treatment?
    Robert, one of the only men working in a public library, wonders if he is being treated differently from the female employees.
  • Library Layoffs
    A manager faces a difficult situation when she must dismiss one of the library's employees as a result of a budget cutback.
  • What Do You Want In A Library Director?
    The employees of a library are delighted that the previous director is being replaced, but now they have to indicate what qualities they want in a new director.
  • A Word To the Wise
    The town selectman who is head of the library budget committee has asked the director to hire his daughter as a page for the summer.

Case Studies/Leading  

  • An Invasion of Privacy
    A long standing policy that parents were to be billed for their children's overdue books is challenged by a new librarian who feels that this policy resulted in the parent knowing what the young person had checked out the library and as a result his or her right to privacy was compromised.
  • Porn Again
    A library director faces a tough decision dealing with pornographic images on the library's computers.
  • Men Love It When Women Talk Dirty
    A new employee thinks he is being sexually harassed by the library's personnel manager.
  • A Difficult Decision
    A recently retired librarian asks for preferential treatment for her son.
  • More Meetings, Please
    A library's employees realize that they really don't know what is going on. There are no staff meetings and as a result communication is poor and morale is low.
  • The Incredibly Bad Boss
    Sometimes, when you think your boss can't get any worse, he surprises you.

Case Studies/Controlling  

  • The Ordeal Of Zachary Taylor Ponder, Jr.
    A recently appointed public library director inherits a budget which the town mnanager finds totally unrealistic and is given a week to come up with a new one.
  • The LIS Department
    You have been asked by mayor to establish and manage a new Latino Information Services department and need to come up with a budget for the department.

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