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For more than 55 years, ABC-CLIO has delivered award-winning collections of digital and print resources. Our focus is on curriculum and reference materials, as well as professional development for librarians in secondary education, higher education, and public libraries. Our mission is to support educators and librarians in their work to foster 21st-century skills, independent critical thinking, and genuine exploration and understanding of the complex issues of our world—past, present, and future.  


Partnering with leading scholars and educators, we offer four well-respected imprints that provide high-quality, authoritative online resources, books, eBooks, and magazines on topics spanning the social sciences, humanities, and professional librarianship.    


ABC-CLIO Solutions
ABC-CLIO’s online solutions offer authoritative, continually up-to-date coverage of essential topics in U.S. history and government,  world history, geography, and a range of multicultural and popular culture subjects. Created specifically for students in middle and high school, higher education, and public library settings, ABC-CLIO's suite of 27 online solutions are built upon three innovative reference and research components: 1. Comprehensive, authoritative reference content derived from over 140,000 primary sources and entries  2. Context that provides students with a deeper understanding of their coursework and highlights the relevance of their studies to the world around them.  3. Critical thinking explorations of over 500 scholarly dilemmas that enable students to comprehend how great thinkers debate the most perplexing issues of our time—and challenge them to reach their own conclusions. 


Our online solutions have been awarded top honors, including the Dartmouth Medal, the CODiE Award, the BESSIE Awards, and other software and educational awards of excellence.  


ABC-CLIO and Greenwood Press
ABC-CLIO and Greenwood Press are recognized as industry-leading providers of the highest-quality reference materials. These imprints offer authoritative reference scholarship and innovative coverage of history and humanities topics across the secondary and higher education curriculum.  With widely respected publishing programs in American and world history and government, military history, popular culture, multiculturalism and diversity, religion and mythology, contemporary issues,  health and wellness, business, and psychology, the reference collections of ABC-CLIO continue to answer students’ and educators’ needs for factual foundations in specialized subject areas.


Praeger has established itself as a leading publisher of scholarly, professional, and authoritative general interest books and eBooks in the social sciences and humanities, with a unique emphasis on contemporary thought in business and economics, psychology, health and wellness, current events and social issues, modern history, military studies, and politics. Praeger also provides insightful and timely material on international security, including defense and foreign policy, strategy, regional security, and terrorism. 


Linworth and Libraries Unlimited
Long regarded as the leading provider for library professional development and librarianship, Linworth and Libraries Unlimited publishes textbooks and publications specifically developed for librarians, media specialists, and teachers; and produces webinars and other professional learning events. We partner with renowned librarians to produce materials of the highly quality. Our professional development imprint also includes the popular magazines Library Media Connection (LMC) and School Library Monthly (SLM).