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Health and Wellness Issues

Understanding Science, Society, and Yourself

by Maxine Taylor, Richard Crume, Mark Goldstein, Justine J. Reel, and Mega Subramaniam, Editors


From deadly epidemics to rising health care costs, from abuse of drugs and alcohol to the devastating effects of bullying, the many issues that impact health and well-being are critically important, both to individuals and to society as a whole.

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ABC-CLIO Solutions

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Topics Health & Wellness/General
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This unique database enables students to better understand the importance of health and wellness issues—for themselves as individuals and for our greater society—through authoritative reference entries and a range of expert perspectives on today's most important health-related issues.

Health and Wellness Issues: Understanding Science, Society, and Yourself is designed to equip students with the knowledge, decision-making abilities, and critical-thinking skills necessary for a lifetime of healthy living. This multifaceted database dives deep into today's top health-related issues, exploring their historical contexts, current complexities, impacts on physical and mental well-being, and global reach. Authoritative yet accessible reference content offers the insightful perspectives of a diverse group of experts. This database also presents carefully curated primary and secondary sources that, together, offer a rich resource for students.


  • Houses more than 2,500 reference entries covering well-being and physical, mental, and social health, with additional content added monthly
  • Focuses on more than 65 key health-related issues, offering in-depth explorations of topics that matter most to teens
  • Includes detailed explanations of the structure and function of all 14 major body systems, augmented with stunning anatomical illustrations
  • Provides two dozen Perspectives that feature scholars' insights on a wide variety of controversies and debates, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills among students
  • Features monthly commentaries written by a professional advisory board that help contextualize current health news
Suite Features

ABC-CLIO Solutions School Editions

Offering effective technology for your library and created specifically for middle and high school students, ABC-CLIO Solutions Schools Edition provides authoritative coverage of essential topics in U.S. history and government, world history, geography, and a range of multicultural and popular culture subjects.

Each online ABC-CLIO Solution includes four innovative components:

A COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE LIBRARY with content from more than 230,000 primary sources and entries encompassing audio, video, photographs, illustrations, maps, and rich media.

A STANDARDS-BASED CURRICULUM updated daily by a team of subject-specific editorial experts and supported by an extensive range of instructional material.

A DEEP COLLECTION OF MODEL COMMENTARIES from noted scholars that have been specially commissioned to foster critical thinking stimulated by exposure to varying points of view.

AN EDUCATOR SUPPORT CENTER containing valuable professional development tools as well as relevant resources such as discussion points, activities, lesson plans, and research lists.


  • Updated daily with vetted, authoritative content, ABC-CLIO Solutions are always current, making outdated textbooks a thing of the past
  • Each Solutions database include a subject-specific library, a curriculum, unique model commentaries, and a full-featured educator support center
  • They’re online and available for students and educators to access anywhere, anytime
  • More affordable than resources with far less content and fewer advanced features, Solutions databases represent an outstanding value
Topic Centers


Drugs and Alcohol
• Alcohol Abuse
• Drug Abuse
• Drunk Driving
• Marijuana Legalization
• Smoking
Lifestyle Concerns
• Diabetes
• Disability Rights
• Internet Safety
Sexual Health and Identity
• Abortion
• AIDS Treatment
• Early and Delayed Puberty
• Gay and Lesbian Rights
• Same-Sex Marriage
• Sex Education in Schools
• Teen Pregnancy
Environmental and Public Health
• Air Pollution
• Anti-Vaccination Movement
• Antibiotic Resistance
• Emergency Management
• Epidemics and Pandemics
• Waste Management
Medical Science and Innovation
• Alternative Medicine
• Cosmetic Surgery
• Euthanasia and the Right to Die
• Gene Therapy
• Genetic Screening
• Health Care
• Stem Cell Research
Violence and Abuse
• Child Abuse
• Child Sexual Abuse
• Domestic Violence
• Rape
• School Violence
Food and Healthy Eating
• Eating Disorders
• Genetically Modified Foods
• Organic Movement
• Sustainable Agriculture
Mental, Emotional, and Social Health
• Body Image
• Bullying
• Clinical Depression
• College Stress
• Cutting and Self-Injury
• Cyber Socializing
• Cyberbullying
• Suicide

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