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History and Mission

ABC-CLIO established itself as a pioneer in the application of computer technology to text processing, indexing, and database development in 1976 when the company enabled its customers to search its one-of-a-kind humanities database online. Continuing to pave the way in the development of educational technology, in the early 1990s, ABC-CLIO began publishing its serial bibliographies in CD-ROM format. And, in 2000, an unprecedented level of innovation was reached with the launch of a new series of social studies and humanities websites designed to provide authoritative reference while integrating teacher curricula: the ABC-CLIO Solutions. 

Today, the ABC-CLIO Solutions team continues to provide robust digital resources that support librarians, patrons, educators, and students in the development and communication of informed positions on complex topics. Integrating secondary school and college curricula with subject-specific reference collections and expert perspectives, ABC-CLIO Solutions proudly foster 21st-century skills, independent critical thinking, and the exploration and understanding of key historical issues.

The Team
Leadership Team

The ABC-CLIO Solutions team is comprised of informed, inventive, and well-rounded historical scholars and led by Editorial Director Judy Fay. With a passion for creating authoritative content that is engaging and maintains a strong impact in the library, classroom, and lecture hall, Judy and her team are committed to providing subscribers with the resources and tools that are necessary to take research, teaching, and learning to a dynamic new level.


Name“I'm thrilled to work every day with such an innovative and progressive team of writers, editors, historians, and teachers and proud of my history with the company's electronic products, from the days of producing CD-ROMs all the way to development of our new Video Learning Modules. As a team, we are constantly striving to deliver high-quality content in a way that will both engage and challenge 21st century students.”— Judy Fay, Editorial Director

Meet some of the Team:

Name“Our Solutions databases provide subscribers with comprehensive libraries of authoritative reference content and standards-aligned curriculum resources. The databases also contain extensive and continually expanding collections of primary sources, including documents, images, audio, and video. Each Solutions database contains perspectives on key topics that model critical thinking, analysis, and the interpretation of source material and events.” — Marian Perales, Manager, Editorial Development - American Mosaic


The ABC-CLIO Fellows are elite educators who have been intimately involved in the development and evolution of ABC-CLIO Solutions. From writing model commentaries, to creating innovative lesson plans, to sharing their content knowledge in our dynamic video learning modules, the Fellows’ fingerprints can be found throughout the Solutions. Each ABC-CLIO Fellow is dedicated to finding innovative ways to introduce primary source materials into the day-to-day teaching of history. They believe in challenging students and encouraging them to see history not as a series of verifiable facts, but as a compendium of open-ended questions.


NameLee W. Eysturlid, PhD, NBCT, has been working with ABC-CLIO on the World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society database since 2003. He teaches at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, Aurora, IL. He received his doctorate in history with a specialty in military history from Purdue University. His published works include Praeger’s Philosophers of War: The Evolution of History's Greatest Military Thinkers and Greenwood’s The Formative Influences, Theories, and Campaigns of the Archduke Carl of Austria.

Jeremy GyptonJeremy Gypton is a veteran educator with more than 14 years of experience in the classroom and as an administrator. His specialties are social studies curriculum and instruction, teacher coaching, and technology integration. During 11 years in the classroom, he taught both AP U.S. history and U.S. government and politics, dual enrollment American history, and developed several history electives, including a semester-long World War II and the Holocaust course. He currently serves as an assistant principal at Walden Grove High School in Sahuarita, AZ.

NameChris Mullin graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in classical Greek and Latin and received his master's degree in education from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Chris teaches Latin, Advanced Placement European history, and Advanced Placement United States history at Santa Ynez Valley Union High School. Chris has been a fellow of the Teachers Network Leadership Institute and a facilitator for the California History-Social Science Project, and has developed numerous history-related classroom activities that he presented at state and national conferences. In 2003, Chris was named California Teacher of the Year for his passionate and innovative approaches to teaching history.

Advisory Board

To ensure that ABC-CLIO Solutions truly meets the needs of today’s libraries and classrooms, the Solutions staff regularly collaborates with an advisory board of professors, teachers, and librarians from around the country. The invaluable insight gained through these relationships guarantees that Solutions provides what you need, when you need it.

  • Paul Bartrop – Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University, FL
  • Bette Bohler – Teacher Librarian, Sacred Heart Preparatory, CA
  • Laura Borrego – Teacher, Schneider Middle School, TX
  • Carla Bosco – Teacher Librarian, Stone Ridge of the Sacred Heart, MD
  • Brian Christianson – Teacher, Kern Valley High School, CA
  • Andrew Ciancia – Teacher, Woodside Priory School, CA
  • Leo Compean – Teacher, Dana Hills High School, CA
  • D.H. Figueredo – Director of Library Media, Bloomfield College, NJ
  • Jill Grimes – Teacher, Carmel High School, IN
  • Gabriel Gutierrez – Professor, Cal State Northridge, CA
  • Kevin Heyman – Librarian, Saratoga High School, CA
  • Andrew Jackson – Executive Director, Queens Borough Public Library, NY
  • Steve Jacobs – Associate Professor, University of Alabama, AL
  • Robin Manning – Teacher, Hays High School, TX
  • Erin Miller – Teacher Librarian, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, OH
  • Kris Olson – Teacher, Colina Middle School, CA
  • Suzanne Ransleben – Commissioner, Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission, TX
  • Loriene Roy – Professor, University of Texas at Austin, TX
  • Joshunda Sanders – Writer and Journalist, TX
  • Krister Swanson – Teacher, Thousand Oaks High School, CA
  • Matthew Torrens – Teacher, Saratoga High School, CA
  • Melissa Wilson – Teacher, Marymount School of Santa Barbara, CA

ABC-CLIO is honored to partner with the nation’s most innovative educators through our BRITE team (Bringing Innovative Technology to Educators). These exemplary teachers and teacher librarians regularly integrate cutting-edge resources into research, teaching, and learning and are champions in creatively embedding ABC-CLIO Solutions into their daily instructional activities.


Albuquerque Public Schools, NM

  • Kathy Browning, Teacher
  • Lisa Kerr, Teacher Librarian

Brazosport Independent School District, TX

  • Josh Phillips, Teacher

Clark County School District, NV

  • Emily Rodrigues, Social Studies Director

Cleveland Metropolitan School District, OH

  • Gayle Gadison, Secondary Curriculum Coordinator, Social Studies

Cobb County Public Schools, GA

  • Trey Coggins, Teacher
  • Laura Falthzik, Teacher Librarian

Fairfax County Public Schools, VA

  • Mary Wolfe, Lead Librarian

Fresno Unified School District, CA

  • Lisa Bridgen, Teacher Librarian
  • Mary Janzen, TSA, Common Core-Literacy in History/Social Studies

Gwinnett County Public School District, GA

  • Jennifer Helfrich, Coordinator of Media Services & Technology

Los Angeles Unified School District, CA

  • Candace Seale, Teacher Librarian

Harmony Independent School District, TX

  • Matthew Meyers, Instructional Materials Coordinator & World Geo/AP US Teacher
  • Colleen O’Brien, Teacher Librarian

Houston Independent School District, TX

  • Montra Rogers, Secondary Social Studies Curriculum Specialist

Paterson Public School District, NJ

  • Eric Crespo, K–12 Social Studies Director
  • Chris Graber, Supervisor of Learning Networks

Phoenix Union High School District, AZ

  • Jean Kilker, Library Media Specialist
  • Delaynie Potts, Social Studies Department Chair

Tustin Unified School District, CA

  • Roland Jones, Digital Learning Coach
  • Theresa Walsh, District Librarian

Waco Independent School District, TX

  • Dan Pfleging, Teacher
  • Gina Pustejovsky, Library Media Specialist

Washoe County School District, NV

  • Amy Henderson, Teacher
  • Marcella Howden, Librarian
  • Angela Orr, Social Studies Director
Press and News
Press Releases

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