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The ABC-CLIO/Greenwood Reference collection is filled with historical information of all kinds. It comprises authoritative resources on core topics such as business and war and also includes a breadth of biographies for today's most important people. Download a PDF copy of the ABC-CLIO/Greenwood Reference Catalog.

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  • Bleeding remained one of the most popular treatments in American hospitals until at least the mid-1800s. When cholera reached North America in 1832, it was widely believed to be a divine punishment, comparable to the belief surrounding leprosy or plague was in the medieval age. Until the late 1800s, the practice of medicine was almost entirely unregulated, resulting in a wide variety of "doctors," rationales, and effectiveness of treatment. Fortunately, healthcare in the United States experienced a revolution in the 20th century.
  • The Latino consumer market now exceeds $850 million.
  • What happened before still shapes the present—past places as well as events.
  • Political influence, lobbying, and corruption affect every level of government.

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