Social Movements, Civil Society, and Radical Adult Education

by John D. Holst

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November 2001


Pages 176
Volumes 1
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Topics Current Events and Issues/Education

The idea that radical adult educators should build civil society through social movements is the dominant paradigm within the adult education left today. This work is the first book-length treatment on the subject of social movement and civil society theory within radical adult education.

The author covers the history and current status of social movement and civil society theory within radical adult education and the left generally. This historical survey reveals how the current dichotomy between radical pluralist and socialist perspectives that prevails within radical adult education is a result of debates over globalization, postmodernism, and the left's understanding of the demise of most socialist states. The book concludes with a reconceptualization of Gramsci's use of civil society and its implications for contemporary radical adult education theory and practice, arguing, unlike others, that Gramsci did not advocate building civil society but proletarian hegemony.

Table of Contents

Series Foreword by Henry A. Giroux
Foreword by Peter McLaren
Contextualizing the Contemporary Interest in Social Movements and Civil Society in Radical Adult Education Theory and Practice
The Sociology and Politics of Social Movements
Civil Society within the Marxist Tradition and Beyond
Adult Education, Social Movements and Civil Society
Gramsci's Concept of Civil Society Revisited: Implications for a Reconceptualization of Radical Adult Education Theory and Practice

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