Living Witchcraft

A Contemporary American Coven

by Allen Scarboro, Nancy Campbell, Shirley Stave

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September 1994


Pages 232
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Religion/General

This is the only ethnography of a living community of witches in the United States. Ravenwood, based near Atlanta, is one of the largest American covens and has supported and encouraged this research through to publication. Of unprecedented importance in clearing the name of witchcraft, the leader of the coven is a civil rights activist, still dedicated in her wiser years to the individual's right to freedom of religion. A must read in women's studies, shamanism, comparative religion and American studies.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Serendipitous Collaborative Inquiry
Ravenwood: A Living Atlanta Coven
Hallowmas at Ravenwood
Ravenwood: The Craft Goes Public
Themes of Belief: Thealogy at Ravenwood
Growing in Witchcraft
The Long Dark Road to the Circle of Light: Zigular's Journey
Becoming a Ravenwood Witch
Singing, Sewing and Sci/Fi: A Wiccan Family
Yes, Virginia, Men Are Witches, Too: A Portrait of Lord Starhawk
Feminism and Animal Rightism: A Political Witch at Ravenwood
Ravenwood as Church and Seminary
The Good Witch of the South: Portrait of a High Priestess
Lady Sintana Remembers and Reflects
The Challenge of Living Witchcraft
The Challenges of Living Witchcraft: To Research Strategies, To the Wider Community
Appendix: Studying a Stigmatized Group ... A Tale
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