Language and Social Identity

by Richard K. Blot, ed.


Explores the relationship between language and the culture of group identity.

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December 2003


Pages 320
Volumes 1
Size 6x9
Topics Psychology/General
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Whenever we open our mouths to speak, we provide those who hear us, chosen interlocuters or mere bystanders, with a wealth of data, linguistic clues others use to position us within a specific social strata. Our particular uses of language mark us geographically, ethnically, by age or sex, and, especially in stratified societies, according to class or caste. This collection of papers by researchers in cultural and linguistic anthropology examine these concepts as well as many others.

Linguists, anthropologists, and others concerned with the formal study of the social uses and functions of language are concerned with documenting the implications of such judging on the lives of various peoples around the world and among the classes within their own societies. What linguistic features of speech are used to form stereotypical impressions about the social identity (as well as the character) of others? How are linguistic features linked to ethnicity, to gender, to race, and to class? This collection of papers by researchers in cultural and linguistic anthropology examine these concepts as well as many others.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Charles BriggsEditor's Introduction by Richard K. BlotLanguage and Indians' Place in Chiapas, Mexico: A Testimony from the Tzotzil Maya by Gary H. GossenThe Deficits of History: Terms of Violence in an Arapaco Myth Complex from the Brazilian Northwest Amazon by Janet M. Chernela and Eric LeedGiving Violence to the Hill Spirit: Mayan Visionary Testimony in Southern Belize by Jerry Kelly"We Don't Speak Catalan Because We Are Marginalized": Ethnic and Class Connotations of Language in Barcelona by Kathryn WoolardThe Politics of Representation: Class and Ethnic Identities in Cochabamba, Bolivia by Maria LagosThe Narrative Construction of E'Napa Ethnicity by Maria Eugenia VillalonEbonics, Language and Power by Mike LongContaining Language Difference: Advertising in Hispanic Magazine by Bonnie UrcuioliThe Other Tongue, the Other Voice: Language and Gender in the French Caribbean by Ellen SchnepelReclaiming Traditions, Remaking Community: Politics, Language, and Place among the Tolowa of Northwest California by James Collins"Word-Sound-Power": Language, Social Identity, and the Worldview of Rastafari by John W. PulisPassionate Speech and Literate Talk in Grenada by George MentoreNotes on ContributorsIndex

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