Heartbreak Ridge

Korea, 1951

by Arned L. Hinshaw

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May 1989


Pages 163
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Military History/General

A set of rugged hills close to the demarcation line between North and South Korea came to be known as Heartbreak Ridge when an operation to take these hills, initially expected to be completed in one day, continued for a full month of bitter sacrifice. Arned L. Hinshaw pay homage to the bravery and raw courage of the men who stood face to face with an unyielding enemy. Let there be no mistake about it, he writes in the introduction, the Korean War was a clear win for the United States and the United Nations.

Hinshaw describes the battle in a way no one else could--through the personal accounts of soldiers who were in this bloody battle. Through resource books and interviews with soldiers, Hinshaw describes in vivid detail the daily combat experiences of the soldiers. Heartbreak Ridge includes detailed information about the Korean War, maps and photographs. It will appeal to those interested in the Korean War, military history buffs, and those interested in the tactics and strategies of war.

Table of Contents

First Phase
A Naked Mountain
The First Year: War of Movement
The Static War: Assault on Heartbreak Ridge
The Assault Continues. . . . And Continues
Batallion Francais de I'O.N.U.: The French Batallion of the United Nations
Second Phase
A New Coach, a New Play
Operation Touchdown
An End Run



I feel there is little I can add to so well researched and detailed an addition to the history of the Korean War.—Matthew B. Ridgeway Supreme Commander, Korean War General, US Army Retired


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