Halting the Sexual Predators among Us

Preventing Attack, Rape, and Lust Homicide

by Duane L. Dobbert


Explains how to recognize the warning signs of sexual and personality disorders that often precede sexual violence including rape and lust homicide.

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July 2004


Pages 168
Volumes 1
Size 6x9
Topics Crime/General
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Recently, the National Center for Victims of Crime reported annual figures showing 103,845 children were sexually abused, while in that same year there was a 20% increase in all rape incidents and a 33% increase in sexual assaults. Incarceration and therapy have not reduced the rates, points out this author. The rate of incarceration has increased, but incidence of sex crimes is not waning. Dobbert warns we must all play a vital role to reduce such crimes, by prevention. The seasoned forensic examiner enables us to see life through the sexual predator's eyes, to understand the motives and intentions of people with abnormal and uncontrollable desires. He argues we can create a safer world by removing the opportunity for such people to act on their ideas.

The author clearly explains disorders from exhibitionism to pedophilia, and presents scenes that illustrate precursor behaviors shown by people preparing to act on such disordered thinking. Also illustrated are stalking patterns common to mentally ill people who commit sexual assaults or lust murders, including the activities of Kenneth Bianci, the Hillside Strangler, and Jeffrey Dahmer, whose serial lust homicides horrified the world. Community activists, teachers, principals, police officers, prosecutors, social workers, and students of criminal justice, forensic psychology, and psychopathology will find this volume of interest.

Topic Centers

Preface and Acknowledgments
Sexual Paraphilias
General Characteristics
Exhibitionism, Fetishism, Frotteurism, Voyeurism
Telephone Scatology, Necrophilia, Partialism, Zoophilia, Corprophilia, Urophilia, Klismaphilia
Cormorbid Sexual Paraphilias: Sexual Masochism, Sexual Sadism
Transvestic Fetishism, Gender Identity Disorder
Pedophilia, Hebephilia
Personality Disorders
Conduct Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder
Paranoid, Borderline, Histrionic, Narcissistic
Attacks Related to Paraphilias and Personality Disorders
Sexual Assault, Rape, and Lust Homicide
Prevention, Prediction, Apprehension of Predators



[T]his book has much to recommend it. The forensic subject matter undoubtedly means that it will be a useful reference text for criminal justice professionals, educators, and teachers, as well as students of criminal justice, forensic psychology and psychopathology. In addition, the fact that this potentially difficult topic has been handled in such an accessible format means that it will appeal beyond the usual specialists to those interested in the topic of sexual crime more generally and in what can be done to detect and prevent it.—British Journal of Criminology

Duane Dobbert's ^IHalting the Sexual Predators among Us^R should be part of any public or college-level collection....With the rise in sexual predator crimes and their releases back into the community ^IHalting the Sexual Predators among Us^R is timely reading.—MBR Internet Bookwatch/The Bookwatch

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