Globalization and Security

An Encyclopedia

by G. Honor Fagan and Ronaldo Munck, Editors

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October 2009


Pages 887
Volumes 2
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Security Studies/International and Transnational Security
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A unique set provides an up-to-date overview of the impact of globalization on international security by examining how the interrelationships of economics, politics, and culture determine levels of stability within regions around the world.

Globalization and Security: An Encyclopedia addresses the need for an authoritative, but accessible analysis of the impact of globalization on security and its multifaceted aspects. Broad in scope, this two-volume set covers the economic and political aspects of globalization, as well as its social and cultural impacts. More importantly, it is the first work to focus explicitly on security, including human security broadly conceived, and the role that globalization plays in the world's new and ever-evolving security environment.

While more books on globalization are becoming available, none focus on the impact of globalism on security-related issues as this set does. Drawing on the expertise of specialists from many disciplines and nations, Globalization and Security directly addresses the needs of one of the fastest-growing areas of study, the intersection of globalization and security worldwide.


  • The first work to focus explicitly on how globalization affects security issues
  • This set is written for a general audience, not just the specialized reader
  • Fills a void in the growing need for up-to-date globalization studies
Author Info

G. Honor Fagan is a sociologist and dean of graduate studies at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. Since her early field research (Culture, Politics, and Irish School Dropouts: Constructing Political Identities published in 1995) she has researched women in South African townships, civil society, conflict resolution (in Colombia), and development issues, and has published an array of articles in leading scholarly journals and books. She was born in Ireland and has lectured in the United States, Northern Ireland, South Africa, and Britain.

Ronoldo Munk works in the president’s office at Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland, and is responsible for internationalization and social development. He is also visiting professor of sociology at the University of Liverpool. His many published books cover a range of issues but have focused on international development and, more recently, the impact of globalization on social exclusion. Professor Munck was born in Argentina and has lectured in Europe, the Americas, Turkey and South Africa.



"This well-written and -organized collection would be of use to readers interested in the current state of globalization and its impact on the world at large. Recommended for both academic and public libraries."—Library Journal

"This is a two-volume reference collecting articles on key issues and concepts concerning the relationship between globalization and security. The first volume is dedicated to political and economic aspects and includes 22 articles on citizenship, democracy, development, environmental insecurity, finance, food security/fisheries, geopolitics, global ethics and human security, human rights, imperialism, information wars, the nation-state, natural resources, the new economy, new wars, nongovernmental organizations, regionalism in the Americas and Eurasia, regulation, terrorism, trade, and transnational corporations. The second volume looks at social and cultural aspects and contains articles discussing the city and the self; consumerism; counterglobalization movements; crime; culture; education; fundamentalism; gender, human security, and globalized interconnectivity; global civil society; health security; indigenous peoples; inequality; the Internet and human security; media, public diplomacy, and security; migration; modernity; race and ethnicity; religion; social exclusion; social movements; and welfare. Each volume includes a glossary and an index."—Reference & Research Book News

"For 60 years, Praeger, now an imprint of ABC-CLIO, has published outstanding titles in international and military
affairs, social issues, and politics; this two-volume, in-depth, subject encyclopedia is no exception. . . . The topics are interesting and timely, the writing is engaging, and the contributors are highly qualified. In seamless fashion this set takes readers from cultural homogenization to blood diamonds to counter-globalization to child soldiers. Essential. All academic libraries supporting upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers/faculty."—Choice


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