Buddhist Epistemology

by S. R. Bhatt, Anu Mehrotra


Provides a clear and exhaustive exposition of epistemology and logic in the Buddhist philosophical tradition.

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July 2000


Pages 160
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Religion/General
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Knowledge plays a very significant role in Buddhism, as it is the gateway to enlightenment and nirvana. This volume provides a clear and exhaustive exposition of Buddhist epistemology and logic, based on the works of classical thinkers such as Vasubandhu, Dinnãga, and Dharmakiriti. It traces the historical development of this theory, identifies the most important schools and thinkers, and defines its main concepts—the criteria of truth, the nature of reality, and the concepts of perception and inference, the only two sources of knowledge accepted in Buddhist philosophy. The appendix contains the Sanskrit original and an annotated translation of Nyaya Prave'sa, a key text of Buddhist epistemology, which discusses the nature of perception and inference and their fallacies.

Table of Contents

ForewordPrefaceIntroductionThe Buddhist Theory of KnowledgeThe Buddhist Theory of PerceptionThe Buddhist Theory of InferenceAppendixGlossaryBibliographyIndex



There is a dearth of material in English serving as a general introduction to the work of the Buddhist epistemologists, and this book is useful as guide to their views and the controversies they engaged in.—Journal of Asian and African Studies

This valuable book sheds light on abstruse topics and will allow readers to gain a clearer appreciation of the depths of Buddhists knowledge,—Educational Book Review

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