Aspects and Issues in the History of Children's Literature

by Maria Nikolajeva


Scholars from 10 countries address children's literature as a literary art form and provide an international perspective on its history and evolution.

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June 1995


Pages 224
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics The Arts/World Literature
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The contributors to this collection of essays address children's literature as an art form, rather than an educational instrument, as has been the traditional approach. Scholars from 10 different countries present a variety of approaches to the history of children's literature, including views on sociological, semiotic, and intertextual models of its evolution. Other issues explored include influence and interaction between stories and their countries of origin. This strong presentation of international perspectives on children's literature will be a valuable resource for scholars of children's and comparative literature.

Topic Centers

Approaches to the History of Children's Literature. By Way of Introduction
Literary Ways of Killing a Child: The Nineteenth-Century Practice by Judith Plotz
Theory and Method
A Historical Model of the Development of Children's Literature by Zohar Shavit
Children's Literature as a Cultural Code: A Semiotic Approach to History by Maria Nikolajeva
Writers Writing a Short History of Children's Literature within Their Texts by Isabelle Nieres
Equal But Different? The Incorporation of Children's Books in National Histories of Literature by Sonja Svensson
Influence and Interaction
The Changing Image of Germany and the Germans in British Children's Literature from 1870 to the Present by Emer O'Sullivan
Children's Literature in France and Italy in the Nineteenth Century: Influence and Exchange by Mariella Colin
Scandinavian Writer/Illustrator: Bicultural Contribution to American Children's Literature by Karen Nelson Hoyle
International Influence on the 19th Century Finnish Children's Literature by Rita Kuivasmäki
Aspects of National Histories
Nationalism Seen as an Aspect of the History of Norwegian Children's Literature 1914-1905 by Kari Skjonsberg
Views on Children's Literature in the Netherlands after 1880 by Anne de Vries
Lame Old Bachelor, Lonely Old Maid: Harriet Childe-Pemberton's "All My Doing, or Red Riding Hood Over Again" by Roderick McGillis
Genres, Modes, Styles
National Myth in Three Classical Picture Books by Reinbert Tabbert
Reconstructing the Homeland: Loss and Hope in the English Landscape by Tony Watkins
Literature for Young People and the Novel of Adolescence by Dagmar Grenz
The Origin and Function of Laughter in Children's Literature by Maria Lypp

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