America's Strategic Future

A Blueprint for National Survival in the New Millennium

by Hubert P. Van Tuyll

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July 1998


Pages 168
Volumes 1
Size 5 1/2x8 1/4
Topics Military History/General

This work is a critical examination of the dangers which confront the United States in the current era of global instability with historical examples of past crises and prescriptive suggestions for the future. America enters the post-Cold War world as a superpower, but one whose future security, and perhaps even survival, cannot be taken for granted. Only three times in modern history has the world seen such potential instability; in two of those instances, the result was total war. In the coming millennium, major crises and wars are inevitable. Whether or not the United States successfully negotiates such conflicts will depend upon decisions made today.

Only careful analysis and planning can help to assure that the United States will preserve its independence and prosperity. This study includes historical examples which illustrate why the current global situation is exceptionally dangerous and how America should prepare to avoid and survive crises, maintain freedom of action, and improve strategic decision-making. The author reviews the most dangerous strategic shortcomings and makes twenty-six recommendations for the future on such topics as military force structure, foreign policy goals, and domestic policy.

Table of Contents

A Dangerous Time
The Moment of Danger
Getting Ready
The Real Freedom
Chinks in the Armor
What We Can Do
Bibliographic Essay

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