by James R. Ozinga


Examines why altruism exists and what the physical and psychological origins an evolutionary value of altruism might be.

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December 1999


Pages 192
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Politics, Law, and Government/General
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Altruism, understood as doing something for someone else at some cost to oneself, is contrasted with selfishness. Ozinga argues convincingly that altruism is a natural part of human nature that it is not just found in a few rare people— that it has evolutionary value and is exhibited in some manner by everyone. Nonetheless, most people seem to feel that selfishness rules human behavior. Altruism is considered an environmental addition to the human character, often seen as naiveté.

Ozinga attacks this view by examining the probable source of altruism—in the genes, in the concept of natural law, or in the instinct for social behavior. Various barriers to altruism are explored in the chemistry of a person, in terms of organized religions or ideologies, and in the goals people choose. Altruism, as Ozinga shows, is a multi-dimensional concept that can be understood and appreciated as a vital part of human nature.

Table of Contents

PrefaceIntroductionThe SourceThe Genetic PossibilityAltruism as Natural LawAltruism as Social InstinctBarriers to AltruismAltruism and the Addictive BrainRigid Religious and Ideological OrganizationsAltruism and Absolute GoalsInvisible and Unacknowledged AltruismUnconscious Altruism of Apparently Selfish ActionsHarmful Altruism--Rural Equality in Africa and RussiaAltruism and the EnvironmentConclusionAltruism as the Consumer of SinBibliographyIndex



Recommended for all readership levels.—Choice

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