After Authoritarianism

Democracy or Disorder?

by Nelson


Linking democratic theory with practical experience, major theorists and senior policymakers analyze the essentials for avoiding disaster in post-authoritarian states.

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July 1995


Pages 200
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Topics Politics, Law, and Government/General

The 1980s and 1990s have witnessed a wave of democratization across the world. This trend has led to some basic questions about the future of democracy and its ability to survive. This theme is examined from two focal points—that of praxis and that of security.

Major theorists such as Robert Dahl and noted democractic leaders such as former Argentine President Raul Alfonsin join forces to spell out the essential ingredients for avoiding disaster in transitional periods of post-authoritarian states. This edited collection challenges some of the existing views about democratization around the world and considers basic questions of both praxis and security. Part of this unique overview deals with practical lessons learned in various countries; part focuses on links between democracy and security. Several themes underline the work. First, that democracy cannot be made from above. Second, that the survival of democracy is directly linked to security issues. It becomes clear that the future of democracy after authoritarianism may not be as bright as thought. Excellent text for courses in world politics, democratic theory, and comparative politics.

Table of Contents

Introduction: After Authoritarianism by Daniel N. NelsonThe Newer Democracies: From the Time of Triumph to the Time of Troubles by Robert A. DahlOpposing Authoritarianism, Building Democracy: Case StudiesThe Transition Towards Democracy in a Developing Country: The Case of Argentina by Raul AlfonsinThe Rise of Public Legitimation in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe by Daniel N. NelsonChina at the Crossroads: Between Democracy and Dictatorship by Liu BinvanThe Fragility of Democracy: The Case of Zaire by Floribert ChebeyaSecurity and Democracy: European and Global PerspectivesRefashioning Space and Security in Europe: Order Versus Disorder by Simon SerfatyPost Communist Europe: Back from the Abyss? by Regina KarpContaining Ethnic Conflict by Charles William MaynesLeadership in a Transitional World: The Challenge of Keeping the Peace by Paul David MillerConclusionDangers of Democratization by Daniel N. Nelson



Nine essays make up this valuable analysis of how authoritarian states might avoid disaster as they move toward democracy....will edify both graduate and undergraduate students of comparative and international politics.— Perspectives on Political Science

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