Africa's Media Image

by Beverly G. Hawk, ed.


This is easily the best book on the market about how the Western media have covered or failed to cover Africa. Journal of Third World Studies Africa's Media Image is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, authoritative, and scholarly survey of the complexities of African media coverage; it is highly recommended for library purchase or as a reading supplement for courses in mass communications, African studies, or international relations. Journal of Third World Studies

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May 1992


Pages 280
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Politics, Law, and Government/General

This collection, arranged and edited by Beverly G. Hawk, examines media coverage of Africa by American television, newspapers, and magazines. Scholars and journalists of diverse experience engage in debate concerning U.S. media coverage of current events in Africa. As each African crisis appears in the headlines, scholars take the media to task for sensational and simplistic reporting. Journalists, in response, explain the constraints of censorship, reader interest, and media economics. Hawk's book demonstrates that academia and the press can inform each other to present a fuller and more sensitive picture of Africa today.

This volume will be of interest to scholars and practitioners in African studies, African politics, journalism, and international relations.

Table of Contents

The Media Debate
Introduction: Metaphors of African Coverage by Beverly G. Hawk
American Media and African Culture by Bosah Ebo
Committed in Africa: Reflections of a Correspondent by Stanley Meisler
African Censorship and American Correspondents by William Hachten
Patterns in African Coverage
The Media and Mau Mau: Kenyan Nationalism and Colonial Propaganda by Wunyabari Maloba
Dateline Algeria: U.S. Press Coverage of the Algerian War of Independence 1954-1962 by Robert J. Bookmiller and Kirsten Nakjavani Bookmiller
Tribes and Prejudice: Coverage of the Nigerian Civil War by Minabere Ibelema
Reporting African Violence: Can America's Media Forget the Cold War? by Rodger M. Govea
Are We Really the World? Coverage of U.S. Food Aid in Africa, 1980-1989 by Jo Ellen Fair
African-American Press Coverage of Africa by Charles A. Bodie
New York Times Coverage of Africa, 1976-1990 by Hassan Mohammed El Zein and Anne Cooper
The Southern African Story
Inkatha: Notions of the "Primitive" and "Tribal" in Reporting on South Africa by Lisa Brock
Beyond Black and White: An Overview of Non-Racialism and the Image of Racial Polarization in South Africa by Julie Frederikse
Television News from the Frontline States by Chris Paterson
Savimbi's Image in the U.S. Media: A Case Study in Propaganda by Elaine Windrich
The South African Story: A Correspondent's View by David Zucchino
Changing African Coverage
Dateline Africa: Journalists Assess Africa Coverage by Tami Hultman
Changing Policy: An Editorial Agenda by Thomas Winship and Paul Hemp
South Africa Now: The Challenge of the South African Story by Danny Schechter
Selected Bibliography


Society of Professional Journalists' Sigma Delta Chi Award

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