The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide

by Lynn Walter, Manisha Desai, Cheryl Toronto Kalny, Amy Lind, Bahira Sherif-Trask , Aili Mari Tripp


This groundbreaking reference set documents the achievements and current challenges for women in more than 130 countries in the world's most populated areas.

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September 2003


Pages 2500
Volumes 6
Size 7x10
Topics Women's Studies/General
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Women are working internationally to build a world based on gender equality and justice. Their concerns are shaped by conditions in their own countries and regions, and also by conditions for women in other parts of the world. Links forged by globalization, international relations, United Nations gender equality and development programs, and women's nongovernmental organizations connect their futures. This groundbreaking reference set documents the achievements and current challenges for all women, providing distortion-free and newly available information about women's status, in matters from education to violence, in more than 130 countries in the world's most populated areas.

Written by an international host of contributing specialists, this set is accessible to high school students and above. Its consistent narrative coverage and relevant statistics are ideal for research and comparisons. Readers will find that conceptions of women's issues vary by country as the set illuminates diverse perspectives and contemporary practices that shape the variations in equality and well-being among women. Judicious inclusion of historical processes helps frame the issues in a holistic perspective. Volume maps, individual country maps, tables, photos, and indexes by set and volume are also included.

Table of Contents

Standard coverage for each country includes
Profile of Nation
Overview of Women's Issues
Employment and Economics
Family and Sexuality
Politics and Law
Religion and Spirituality
Outlook for 21st Century
Resource Guide, with Suggested Reading, Videos/Films, Web Sites, and Organizations



Students and faculty interested in comparative international data on women will find this set particularly useful. It is current, well written, and informative, providing scholarly content, useful detail, and sound documentation. Highly recommended. All collections.—Choice

"Particularly useful for cross-national comparisons of data and issues that would normally be difficult to compare....This outstanding reference work serves general readers who are seeking an overview of the topic, as well as scholars pursuing further research. Highly recommended for all public and academic libraries."—Library Journal, Starred Review

[f]or those attempting cross-cultural comparisons of countries on many of these issues, there simply is no more comprehensive resource available. Recommended for academic libraries.—Gale-Larence Looks at Books


Booklist Editors' Choice, 2003 Selected Reference Books 2003-2004 College & Res

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