Encyclopedia of Forensic Science

A Compendium of Detective Fact and Fiction

by Barbara Gardner Conklin, Robert Gardner, Dennis Shortelle


Covers all aspects of forensic science past and present, from types of crime and evidence, to forensic scientists and officials, to the criminals they seek.

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June 2002


Pages 344
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Science/General

If Sherlock Holmes had cracked the O. J. Simpson case, he would have done it with forensic science. Techniques and devices used to analyze crime scene evidence—and their real and fictional practitioners—have long fascinated the public. This reference covers all aspects of forensic science:
• Types of evidence
• Types of crimes or conditions
• Criminal cases
• Criminal and civil law
• The disciplines of criminal justice
• Poisons and drugs
• The evolution of forensics
• Forensic scientists and officials
• Serial killers
• Relevant literature, characters, and writers

The study focuses on the criminal and societal effects of forensic science in the United States, with attention paid to major British and French advances. The book also examines historical cases in which new techniques were first applied. Entries are arranged both alphabetically and topically, making them easily accessible to student and amateur sleuth alike.

Table of Contents

PrefaceIntroductionAlphabetical Listing of EntriesGuide to Selected TopicsEntries, A-ZBibliographyOther Helpful Web SitesIndex



[C]ontains fundamental information for armchair enthusiasts.—Choice

...what makes this book different and interesting is the inclusion of novelists and their characters, who use forensics to solve crimes. Also included are excellent bibliographic references and lists of web sites for finding more information....a solid resource that should be in academic libraries where forensic science is popular and in large public libraries where the demand for this topic is high.—Library Journal

Welcome to one of the most exhaustive and readable encyclopedia of forensic science published in recent times. Written by a team of three famous authors comprising of a teacher (Conklin), scientist (Gardner) and a historian (Shortelle), the encyclopedia details a number of topics related to forensic science in the popular and time tested A-Z format. Each of the 200 odd entries is followed by a short reference list, which lists important books, magazines, journals and even websites giving additional information on that entry.—Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Encyclopedia of Forensic Science is a useful introductory resource for writers and those curious in exploring topics in the forensic sciences. The encyclopedia serves as a starting point for further research. It is appropriate for general academic science libraries and for larger public libraries.—E-STREAMS

...this well researched encyclopedia, with its nontechnical, layperson approach, will have wide appeal....from academic to public; and libraries supporting criminal justice curricula will find it an essential acquisition. Highly Recommended.—Reference & User Services Quarterly

This interesting, readable work for general reference is suitable for the young adult audience.—VOYA

This well-composed resource illustrates the multifaceted and complex world of this science, with a marked emphasis on how it affected the landscape of contemporary criminology and society....^IEncyclopedia^R will be of great interest to students and armchair detectives.—School Library Journal

The ^IEncyclopedia of Forensic Science^R is an excellent basic reference for both students of forensic science and writers of detective fiction seeking accuracy in their narratives.—The Midwest Book Review

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