Distinguished Asian American Business Leaders

by Naomi Hirahara


Presents biographies of 96 important Asian American businessmen and women from the late 19th century to the present.

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March 2003


Pages 256
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Race and Ethnicity/Asian American Studies
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Although there are other reference books about Asian Americans, no other book focuses solely on businesspeople. This collection of engagingly written biographies gives the details on the lives of 96 Asian men and women who have had successful business careers, giving information on their education, training, and career highlights and histories. The book provides valuable information as well as inspiration to students, from high school through university. Each biography concludes with references for further reading, and an appendix lists the people profiled by field of business, from fashion to restaurant franchises, from high technology to the movie industry.

Each biography in ^IDistinguished Asian American Business Leaders^R tells the story of an individual who has worked hard and often surmounted such obstacles as prejudice, learning the English language and American customs, attaining higher education, and working long hours to start a business or succeed in a company. These life stories not only reflect individual triumphs but also the trials of families and ethnic groups who applied their skills and passions for economic prosperity. Included in the biographies are an Internet entrepreneur who successfully negotiated a $400 million deal from Microsoft Corporation and another who, along with his partner, gave away $100 million in bonuses to their employees after the lucrative sale of their company. Some of the people profiled are highly educated with law and doctorate degrees, while others never completed college. Some have experienced extreme poverty, including those who came to this country as boat people after the Vietnam War; others were born to wealth but have had to fight to achieve their business goals. Each biography ends with a bibliography for further reading. The book is aimed not only at high school and college students but any person interested in how some Asian Americans, from recent immigrant to fourth generation, labored to realize their entrepreneurial and corporate dreams. The stories show that business is rich in creative opportunities that cannot be easily limited to a single management theory.

Topic Centers

Ai, C. K.
Alker, Pauline Lo
Arai, Rioichiro (Ryoichiro)
Aratani, George
Asera, Larry
Ayer, Ramani
Bajaj, Kavelle R.
Banatao, Dado
Bhatia, Sabeer
Bose, Amar
Campbell, Phyllis
Chan, F. Chow
Chen, Roger H.
Cherng, Andrew
Chu, David
Chu, James
Chun, Ellery J.
Clemente, Lilia
Cole, Donna Fujimoto
Do, Yen Ngoc
Domoto, Kanetaro
Flores, Eddie, Jr.
Flores, Pedro
Friedman, Fritz
Gin, Sue Ling
Gupta, Rajaj
Gupta, Vinita
Harrison, Supenn
Hayes, Helen Young
Ho, Chinn
Hong, Benjamin B.
Huang, Mercedes del Rosario
Hwang, Rose
Isaki, Paul
Iwamoto, Robert, Jr.
Jao, Frank
Jimenez, Josephine
Jung, Andrea
Kim, Charles
Kim, James J.
Kim, Jeong H.
Kim, Kija
Kim, Steve Y.
Kodani, Gennosuke
Krishnan, Lata
La, Tri
Lam, David K.
Lau, Joanna
Lee, Chris
Lee, David S.
Lee, Lilly V.
Lee, Noel
Lewis, Loida Nicolas
Liang, Christine
Lung, Chin
Mehta, Sonny
Merchant, Ismail
Mow, William
Nagumo, Shoji
Nakasone, Robert
Natori, Josie
Ng, Kim
Ngan, Win Chuai
Ngoy, Ted
Nguyen, Sean
Nishimura, Ko
Nooyi, Indra K.
Oki, Scott D.
Ow, George, Jr.
Pagkalinawan, Cecilia
Phung, Doan Lien
Qureshey, Safi U.
Sassa, Scott M.
Schilling, Leslie Tang
Shin, Charlie
Shoong, Joe
Sie, John J.
Sugahara, Kay
Tanimura, George
Tellez, Cora M.
Tokioka, Masayuki
Tran, David
Tran, David Du
Tsai, Gerald
Tu, John
Wang, An
Wang, Don J.
Wang, Vera
Wo, Yick
Woo, Charlie
Yamagata, Elaine
Yamauchi, Tsuru
Yang, Janet
Yang, Jerry
Young, Shirley
Yuen, Henry
Appendix: Distinguished Asian American Business Leaders Arranged by Field



[t]his good introduction to Asian American business leaders deserves space in academic and large public libraries. Recommended. General and academic collections.—Choice

[t]his will be a useful source for indentifying American entrepreneurs with Asian backgrounds. Recommended for high-school, public, and academic libraries.—Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin

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