Culture and Customs of Senegal

by Eric S. Ross


Explore contemporary and traditional culture in Senegal, Africa's Land of Hospitality.

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April 2008


Pages 160
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Geography and World Cultures/Countries and Regions
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A blend of indigenous life in the rural countryside and metropolitan culture in urban centers, Senegal has been a small, yet prominent country on Africa's western coast. In this comprehensive study of contemporary Senegalese life, readers will learn how daily lifestyles are celebrated through both religious and secular customs. Students can investigate how Senegal's oral storytelling, Islamic roots, and French colonialism have shaped literature and media in today's society. From the street to the studio, the topic of art in Senegalese life is also covered. Ross also delves into architectural styles and modern housing in urban environments, while also covering typical cuisine and traditional fashion. Readers will learn about the typical Senegalese family as a social and economic unit, and will see how music, dance, and sports play an integral role in their lives. Ideal for high school students and general readers, this volume in the Culture and Customs of Africa series is a perfect addition to any library's reference collection.

Series Description

Cultures and Customs of the World

The Cultures and Customs of the World series delivers a fresh, modern perspective on individual countries for which detailed information is most in demand in the school curriculum and library. The series features ready-reference volumes that go beyond the travel guide fare by providing a comprehensive overview of the cultural life of countries most studied and in the news. Each volume is written by a country expert especially to meet the needs of students and the general reader. Countries come alive in insightful, accessible chapters that cover crucial topics:
  • The land, people, language, and history
  • Religion and world view
  • Literature and media
  • Arts and architecture/housing
  • Cuisine and traditional dress
  • Gender roles, marriage, and family
  • Social customs, education, and lifestyle
  • Music and dance

Topic Centers

Series Foreword
1: Introduction: The Geography and History of Senegal
2: Religion
3: Literature, Academics, and Media
4: Art and Architecture
5: Cuisine and Traditional Dress
6: Family and Gender
7: Social Customs and Lifestyle
8: Music, Dance, and Sports



"From literature and academics to family and gender, music and sports, this survey of uniquely Senegalese culture is involving and exciting--and perfect for reports."—The Bookwatch/Midwest Book Review

"Culture and Customs of Senegal provides readers who have no prior knowledge of Senegal with an impressive compilation of information for one of the most ethnically and geographically diverse African countries. The author captures the comprehensiveness of the Angola culture and customs. He presents the information to the reader in a format that is easy to read and interesting. The groups represented are enough to paint a picture of the wide array of cultures and customs that can be found and may whet the appetite of those who may choose to researching further using more specialized materials."—ARBA

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