Catalogue of English Bible Translations

A Classified Bibliography of Versions and Editions Including Books, Parts, and Old and New Testament Apocrypha and Acpocryphal Books

by William J. Chamberlin

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December 1991


Pages 960
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Religion/General

While other Bible catalogs are available, this comprehensive reference book is destined to become the standard in the field. Chamberlin's one-volume work traces the publication history of multiple editions of Bible translations and offers valuable decriptive annotations. The catalog not only includes complete Bibles, but also Old and New Testaments, partial texts, commentaries that include translations, children's Bibles, Apocryphal writings, and the Koran, as well. Other bibliographies are usually limited to editions commonly found in academic libraries, but Chamberlin's guide also includes Bibles found in private collections. Overall, this catalogue contains more than five times as many entries of different English translations as two other Bible bibliographies, those by Hill and Herbert, combined.

The entries are grouped in 151 categories, and within each category entries are listed in chronological order. The accompanying annotations identify the translator and provide an overview of the contents of each work. The detailed indexes make this bibliography a convenient tool for researchers. Bible scholars, collectors, and rare book dealers will find this catalogue a necessary addition to their libraries.

Table of Contents

The Historical Catalogue
Hebrew Scriptures
Historical Books
Wisdom and Poetical Books
Prophets and Selections
Major Prophets
Minor Prophets
Apocrypha and Apocryphal Books
New Testaments
Epistles and Selections
Pauline Epistles
Pastoral Epistles and Selections
Catholic Epistles
Apocryphal Books (N.T.)
Dead Sea Scrolls
Early Church Fathers
The Bibliography of Bible Bibliographies
Index of Translators, Revisors, and Editors

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