Black Theology

A Critical Assessment and Annotated Bibliography

by Gorman, H. /s Jr. vans Jr. /r comp. /b JAMES H. EVANS, JR., comp.

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April 1987


Pages 217
Volumes 1
Topics Religion/General
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Table of Contents

Foreword by G.E. GormanPrefaceIntroduction: A Critical AssessmentAnnotated BibliographyThe Origin and Development of Black TheologyLiberation, Feminism, and MarxismCultural and Global DiscourseIndex of NamesIndex of TitlesIndex of Subjects



Evans has annotated more than 460 books and articles on black theology, a 20-year-old discipline. In a fine introduction, Evans shows that black theology's roots go back further than the black power movement to radical slave religion and the founding of independent black churches. The introduction includes references to citations in the bibliography, and there are plentiful cross-references. The first section treats origin and development. Part 2 addresses challenges by black feminists and Marxists. Part 3 treats liberation theologies in Latin America, South Africa, and the Caribbean, which also focus on liberation as the content of the Gospels. This is an important contribution to black religious studies because it focuses on the literature and thought of this brief period, which although brief is vital, and which has national and global reverberations.—Choice

A valuable summary of the development and status of black theology, this bibliography will be useful primarily in academic settings where this topic is studied.—Reference Books Bulletin

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