Anglicans in the Antipodes

An Indexed Calendar to the Papers and Correspondence of the Archbishops of Canterbury, 1788-1961, Relating to Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific

by Ruth Frappell, Robert Withycombe, Leighton Frappell, Raymond Nobbs


A chronologically arranged index of summarized letters and papers of the archbishops of Canterbury from the Lambeth Palace Library in London relating to Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific from 1781-1961.

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July 1999


Pages 464
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Religion/General

British Christianity was adapted and modified in colonial environments and helped to shape a growing sense of national identity in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. This chronologically arranged index will identify for scholars documentary sources of the Archbishops of Canterbury and the Anglican Church relevant to Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and the other Pacific islands and held in the Lambeth Palace Library's archives. In the 1860s, Archbishops of Canterbury inherited responsibility from the Colonial Office for selecting and nominating colonial bishops. By the turn of the twentieth century, archbishops had become confidantes, counselors, and advisers to bishops overseas. Although the papers and correspondence primarily reflect the ecclesiastical life, they also reflect the social, economic, and political atmosphere of the time, and underscore how vital religious institutions were to the colonial communities' developing sense of unity. The papers' contents are diverse and include, among other topics, information about Aborigines, Australian church and community life, women's roles, immigration issues, imperialism, Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States, and race relations.

This index will be a valuable source to scholars and researchers studying social and institutional developments in the former British Empire and Commonwealth. Data is organized chronologically by archbishop. The volume contains two appendices; one listing archbishops of Canterbury, bishops of London, and bishops and archbishops in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific, and another listing Lambeth degrees. Separate subject and name indexes are included.

Table of Contents

Series ForewordForewordPrefaceIntroductionPapers and Correspondence of the Archbishops of CanterburyAppendicesIndexes



The editors of this volume have put church historians in their debt by compiling a catalog of all the papers of archbishops of Canterbury between 1788 and 1961 that relate to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific....Reading through the papers casts fascinating light on Anglican history....Excellent indices make this volume very easy to use.—Anglican and Episcopal History

This volume will become an indispensable reference guide for anyone wanting to make use of the Lambeth papers.—Journal of Religious History


^IAnglicans in the Antipodes^R is a remarkable piece of collaborative work, which all interested in the History of Australia will welcome. This guide will prove to be a most comprehensive tool for Australian historians to identify aspects of our history, particularly to do with the Anglican Church that has previously been very difficult to Access. Now, for the first time, we have a reliable guide to the holdings of the most important Australian Anglicanism archives that are held at Lambeth Palace Library. This index is a mine of information and will be a tool for scholars for tany years. We are all in the debt of the authors.—Reverend B.N. Kaye^LGeneral Secretary^LThe Anglican Church of Australia

For many years I have followed the progress of ^IAnglicans in the Antipodes^R, and the painstaking scholarship of its compilers as they studied in the reading room of Lambeth Palace Library. Its publication represents a major achievement, which all who know the vast and ever growing correspondence of the Archbishops of Canterbury will fully appreciate. This is a book which successfully opens up the history of the Anglican Church in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific for research. It wil be fundamental to future studies.—Richard Palmer^LLibrarian and Archivist^LLambeth Palace Library

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