America's Natural Places: Rocky Mountains and Great Plains

by Kelly Enright
Stacy Kowtko, General Editor


A horseback trek through Rocky Mountain National Park, with its abundant wildlife and magnificent vistas, helps one appreciate both the hardships and the wonders that met America’s pioneers. And it underscores why it is worth working to preserve America’s natural splendors.

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November 2009


Pages 172
Volumes 1
Size 7x10
Topics Geography and World Cultures/Physical Geography and Environment
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From Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Kansas, this volume provides a snapshot of the most spectacular and important natural places in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains.

America's Natural Places: Rocky Mountains and Great Plains examines over 50 of the most spectacular and important areas of this region, with each entry describing the importance of the area, the flora and fauna that it supports, threats to the survival of the region, and what is being done to protect it.

Organized by state within the volume, this work informs readers about the wide variety of natural areas across the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains and identifies places that may be near them that demonstrate the importance of preserving such regions.


  • Illustrations depict 50 of the most treasured landscapes in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains
Author Info

Kelly Enright holds her PhD in American history from Rutgers University. Her interests are environmental and cultural history, anthropology, animal studies, and museum studies. She has worked as a researcher and consultant for the Wildlife Conservation Society and the American Museum of Natural History. She is the author of Rhinoceros and has two forthcoming publications, one on imaginary animals and another on the image of the jungle in American culture.

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