Actor, Ideologue, Politician

The Public Speeches of Ronald Reagan

by Davis W. Houck, Amos Kiewe

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May 1993


Pages 372
Volumes 1
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Politics, Law, and Government/General

This new anthology rounds out Ronald Reagan's rhetorical persona and fills a major gap in the literature about the man by offering an unbiased and a multi-dimensional picture of his public speeches during all phases of his political life. The 52 speech texts are arranged, with short introductions, into six topical chapters covering his Hollywood years, his eight years as governor of California, his presidential campaigns of 1976 and 1980, and his two terms as president. This compact reference will be handy for professionals and students at all levels who are looking for a well-rounded collection of both obscure and well-known speeches which offers Reagan's views on major issues at different times throughout his career. The short volume is suitable for college, university, professional, and public libraries.

This representative collection shows Ronald Reagan speaking as an actor, an ideologue, and a pragmatic politician, illustrating his diverse communication styles. The anthology contains both good and bad speeches--some that are famous and others that are little-known--and includes patriotic messages, views on citizenship, politics, and governance and on important issues at different stages in his career. This handy reference is uncompromising in its impartial selection of speeches. A short bibliography points to major sources and important studies, and a full index makes the reference completely accessible.

Table of Contents

America the Beautiful
Cutting, Squeezing, and Trimming
Ours Is Not a Sick Society
And the Word Will Spread Like Wildfire
America Is Back
Our Future Shall Be Worthy Of Our Past

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