Women as Leaders in Education

Succeeding Despite Inequity, Discrimination, and Other Challenges

by Jennifer L. Martin, Editor

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September 2011


Pages 699
Volumes 2
Size 6 1/8x9 1/4
Topics Business/Leadership

This up-to-date, candid examination of women's careers in education and leadership in education describes the pitfalls, triumphs, and future promise of female leaders in education.

Overall, education is a field still dominated by women, yet women do not typically pursue or attain leadership positions at the administrative level. Research has revealed some of the reasons for this: women still experience gender discrimination in education careers, experience higher attrition rates, and have slower career mobility than do men. Additionally, women in education are apparently less valued, and their performance is more critically evaluated, as in other fields. This insightful text shows the gender-based inequities and discrimination women face when aiming for leadership positions in education, and lays out a plan to bring success to this level of the field that is still male-dominated.

Women as Leaders in Education: Succeeding Despite Inequity, Discrimination, and Other Challenges is the result of a team of leading feminist educators and scholars. It delves into feminist women's leadership in education from kindergarten to graduate school. This two-volume work assesses the historical and current political landscape with regard to women hitting a "glass ceiling," issues of social justice, and the unique challenges women face in educational leadership as well as the new field of teacher leadership.


  • Contributions from 40 distinguished scholars and practitioners with expertise in a variety of fields, comprising all original material
  • Multicultural bibliographies of significant materials from the fields of education, policy studies, psychology, sociology, women's studies, and others
  • Helpful indexes offer access to the entries


  • Uses a variety of methodologies in the presentation of ideas, including traditional quantitative and qualitative methodologies, self-study, and historical inquiry
  • Includes personal stories of women hitting the glass ceiling in educational leadership and how they coped with or overcame their challenges
  • Provides useful strategies for current and future women educational leaders
  • Implements an interdisciplinary approach to the examination of the experiences of women as leaders in education in classrooms, schools, and higher education
  • Ideal as a useful "how-to" manual for scholars and practitioners, and as a textbook for social justice and women’s studies courses in the fields of education, policy studies, psychology, or sociology
Author Info

Jennifer L. Martin, PhD, is a K–12 and university educator. Martin is an advocate for at-risk students, educational equity, and Title IX, and has received several district, state, and national awards and recognitions for her advocacy, mentorship, and research.

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